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The Perfect Dog (for us) February 4, 2010

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I am so happy we have a Great Dane.  Yes, he is enormous.  Yes, his tail has knocked over a glass of water or five.  Yes, he’s an in-your-face dog.  (Literally, cause, you know, he’s as tall as me.)  But he is just the best, most loving dog ever.  He is such a sweet boy.  We adopted him from the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue in November, and we certainly picked the right one for us.  He’s practically perfect in every way for our family.  And I like to think we’re pretty good for him too. 

Our boy is four years old.  In Dane years, that’s middle-aged.  He came to us already house-trained and knowing his basic commands, which is pretty common with adopted Danes.  We knew we could NEVER handle a puppy because of our hectic lives and work schedules, so this was a great alternative for us.

We’re a small family of two.  No kids yet.  Just the two of us.  We can make it if we try…. 

Sorry.  Anyway, we like our calm, mostly quiet household.  Adding a dog to it, let alone a Great Dane, was a big decision for us.  Could it even work when we’re at the office for 40 hours a week, at least?  Well, I think the answer to that is found in our dog.

Norm.  What a descriptive name for this big boy.  He’s an old man dog.  He lounges around.  He’s totally fine to be alone, but really likes it when we are near.  He loves to be touched and if we stop, he’ll nudge till we start again.  He’s pretty slow and calm, unless the Hubs starts teasing him, then all bets are off cause he gets CRAZY!  And he also gets the zoomies when he sees the leash for our morning walks.  It’s so cute!

Norm came to us as a really skinny, very timid dog.  It’s fairly obvious to us that he was neglected and possibly abused for most of his life.  He wasn’t really into eating, and wasn’t even interested much in treats.  TREATS!  I know!  He also didn’t know what toys are.  I gave him a squeaky porcupine and he sniffed it and walked away.  I threw him a ball and he walked away.  I gave him a BONE and he walked away. 

But we kept trying.  Now he’s got a much better appetite and is gaining some weight.  And we found his favorite treats always have some sort of element of cheese in them.  He’s a lot like his mama that way. 

And as far as toys go, he’s fallen in love with his rope!  He likes to play tug-o-war and he also likes to just chew on it.  If we throw it around, he’ll pounce on it and grab it and shake the living daylights out of it!  He’s already destroyed one rope.  It made me so proud of my boy!

Danes are truly the Gentle Giant of the dog world.  And, like I said, practically perfect in every way.

If you would like to know more about Great Danes, please visit Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue or the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue blog.


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  1. Dave Erickson Says:

    My name is Norrrrrrrrrm

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