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Feeling Lucky April 7, 2010

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Today I’m feeling lucky.

No, not the kind of lucky where I have the sudden urge to run out and spend my hard earned cash on a Lotto ticket that leads to nowhere. Today’s lucky feeling stems straight from the love of my life.

My husband, J, has been my sanity lately. I thank God that I have him around, especially during this time of my life.

He’s been doing the dishes like crazy.

He picks up his clothes and the living room before heading for bed.

He doesn’t complain about what I make for dinner. (Skillet Ziti again!)

He doesn’t even complain if I don’t make anything for dinner.

He makes his own lunch, which is something I’ve done for him since we’ve been married.

He encourages me to do my physical therapy exercises for my knee injury, especially when I’m too tired.

He gets the dog out of my face and plays with him so I can rest.

He makes store runs for my forgotten items after work when he’d rather be home.

He hugs me in the morning and gives me a kiss every night.

And best of all, he ignores it when I TOTALLY FREAK OUT let my pregnancy hormones get the best of me, and sometimes even makes a good joke that gets us both laughing.

I feel so lucky to have J in my life. God has blessed me with a wonderful guy.


2 Responses to “Feeling Lucky”

  1. Gramma June Says:

    You are both pretty blessed, YOU DESERVE TO BE.
    That sounds like you might not be working? When your dad told me you had been hurt it didn’t sound so serious.
    Take care luv u Gram.

    • teamerickson Says:

      Oh no, I’m still working. I go to physical therapy for my knee right now. Dad is pretty sure that it’s just a really bad bruise, and my Dr. and physical therapist agree with that. But the recovery has been really slow lately, so I may need to go get an MRI just to make sure. I’ll know after my PT appt. tonight if I need to go back to the Dr. I really hope not. Will probably blog about that tomorrow.

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