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Vegas Vacation April 25, 2010

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I had such a blast in Vegas with my mom and sister!  Everything was smooth once that horrible plane landing was over.   We headed back to my sister’s place for Friday night, and Jo cooked us up some shrimp and pilaf.  She is an amazing cook, and an even better baker.  We rested for the remainder of the evening and hit the hay early.

Here are Jo’s pups, Ballard and Boot.  Aren’t they just so cute?!

Saturday morning I was told we were going out shopping, but I was really in for a spa manicure and pedicure, thanks to mom!  We went to an Aveda salon and had a good two hours of pampering.  It was so nice!  After that we hit up Ross, and let me tell you, we found some good stuff there in the maternity section for me.  Love the sales!  So mom bought me a couple of pieces for my wardrobe to come.  We were pretty hungry from all the shopping so we went to a place called Create Burger, where you get to create your own burger from several different meats and toppings.  Yum!  And of course, we stopped by In-N-Out for a milkshake dessert.  We headed back to Jo’s for a little nap before our big night.  Then we got all dressed up and went to the Venetian for Phantom of the Opera!  The theater there was built specifically for Phantom, so you can imagine how great that was.  Here’s a picture of the three of us all dressed up.

After Phantom we walked around the shops at the Venetian and ate a small dinner and some gellato!

Sunday morning, I woke up to Jo making us Dutch babies with lemon, powdered sugar, and strawberries.  Let me tell you, delicious!  Like I said, she got the baking gene in the family.  We walked over to her church after breakfast and got to meet a few of her friends.  Then we headed for the outlet mall.  Jo and mom both found some super cute pieces at the Banana Republic Outlet.  When we were all done shopping, we went over to Mandalay Bay to have a bite with a couple of Jo’s friends from college, Trevor and Anastasia.  We ate at Strip Steak.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a piece of beef better than that.  We snapped a quick pic of the friends before they headed off to see the Lion King.

We were too full from dinner to get in the car just yet, so we walked around Mandalay Bay for a while, then headed back to Jo’s to get some sleep before our last day together.

Monday morning we went to the Original Pancake house.  I had some chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries on top.  Good decision!  I only got a half order, but still couldn’t eat the whole thing.  Jo got the famous Apple Pancake and mom got some crepes with cherries.  We were stuffed.

We got back in the car and went to Jo’s to pack and clean.  She weeded her front yard while mom and I cleaned our rooms and bathrooms.  Her house is such a great place to stay because we can all have our own rooms and bathrooms!  But at the same time, us using all that space would make a terrible mess for her to clean up, so we decided to pitch in and pay her back for her hospitality with cleaning.  🙂 

We headed for the airport with just enough time to make one last stop.  I absolutely could not leave Vegas without getting a big ol’ animal style cheeseburger and fries from In-N-Out.  Does this make you jealous?

Oh man, I was afraid I’d regret that on the plane ride back to Denver, but I did ok.  Mom and I ran through security and got to our gates on time.  I found my seat, which was near the middle of the plane this time, thank goodness, and I got my TV going so I could relax and focus on something besides the turbulence.  The landing into Denver was only slightly less bumpy and rolly than Vegas, and I did feel sick, but I kept it in and was fine once I got back on the ground.

My husband, J, came and picked me up and I was so happy to see him!  I was sad girls weekend was over, but it’s always good to get back to normal life again.  And you really can’t beat a hug from your big strong hunk of a man!  🙂


6 Responses to “Vegas Vacation”

  1. Bonnie Hodgkiss Says:

    I love your story of our girl’s weekend! It really was a fun and memorable time with my daughters. You both are such lovely women to be with. I am truly blessed! Love, Mom

  2. Joanna Says:

    Just make sure you have a babysitter next year.

    And thanks for all the compliments on my cooking. That’s why it’s so fun to cook for other people 🙂

  3. Caroline Says:

    So fun to read about your weekend. So glad all ya girls had such a great time! (Sorry about the “barfies” on the plane though, Gina. That part not fun.)

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