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Waiting to find out, and baby names! May 5, 2010

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Don’t judge me.  There’s nothing wrong with waiting to find out the sex till the thing pops out.  I just LOVE surprises!  And this is no different. 

We’ve watched quite a few of our friends go through their pregnancies, and most choose to find out the sex beforehand.  This usually turns out just fine, but we’ve also seen a couple who have heard it was a girl, then a boy, then they’re not so sure…  Talk about a roller coaster of emotions.

And we’ve also watched a handful of couples go through pregnancy without finding out the sex.  I used to get kind of cranky when people did this. 

Like, hello?!  The whole purpose of the baby shower is to buy you adorable little pink dresses or cute tiny baseball hats!!  Nrrrrr!

So I understand if you feel this way.  But the surprise approach has suddenly grown on me, and I am more than determined to not find out the sex of our baby.

This decision has not come without argument.  Of course, my ever-opinionated sister Jo has already protested.  She would really like to be able to run into the nearest Babies R Us and shop for hours for the CUTEST EVER girl or boy outfit.  Sorry Jo.  This will have to wait till late October or early November.

And my other argument came from my husband, J.  He is NOT into waiting to find out.  The guy is a planner.  He plans for things that he knows are coming.  Then he makes a plan B just in case they don’t come.  He plans for all the what-ifs in between each plan.  Then he plans for things that will never ever happen just to come up with interesting and different hypotheses about what he would do if he were ever in that situation.  I think it’s something about being an Erickson.  They’re all wired to be planners.  And I love it.  Think it’s totally hilarious.  And also calming in a way.  Because I know that whenever I’m with the Erickson fam, we are going to be prepared for any and every possible situation.

But for this situation, there are really only two outcomes.  Boy or girl.

So J agreed to let me have this decision.  He’d much rather find out, but he understands my reasons for wanting to wait.

However, we are prepared for either outcome with baby names.  And here they are!

If we have a boy, we will name him Gunnar David.  Gunnar is a family name.  It was J’s grandpa’s name.  And David is also a family name.  It happens to be the name of both my brother, as well as J’s brother.

If we have a girl, we will name her Genevieve Elaine.  There’s really no reason for Genevieve, except that I just love the name and J agreed to it.  And Elaine is a family name.  It’s my middle name, as well as my mom’s middle name, and my grandma’s on BOTH SIDES middle names.  So yes, we will be passing that one along.

So, for all of our friends and family waiting expectantly to hear about the sex of the baby, you are just going to have to wait till the guy or gal decides to make his or her entrance into the world. 

Just like grandma did it back in the good ol’ days.


14 Responses to “Waiting to find out, and baby names!”

  1. Danyal Says:

    I love the names! If I ever have a girl, I’ve considered the name Elena, which is close to Elaine. In fact, I think Elena is the Spanish version of it. Elena Fe. Fe means “faith” in Spanish. =) And I love that you’re waiting! You go girl!

  2. gramma Says:

    This was a surprise. I am for the surprise factor also.
    I like the names. a warning tho when I was OB Gyn nurse many changes happened at the last min.
    Kit was several days old, we couldn’t agree. I was having a tubal
    ligation & I told Glee & Bill to have a name picked out that I would like when I got back from Surg.
    Luv u Gramma

    • teamerickson Says:

      Haha! What a funny story! I am sure changes will come with a lot of the plans we have now. We’re going to have to learn to be flexible if we’re going to make it through kids! 🙂

  3. Dad Says:

    I’m for the suprise!!!!!

    And don’t open your Christmas presents on Christmas Eve either…..

  4. Heather Stjern Says:

    bummer… well, at least if you are registered somewhere i can get you a gift 🙂 i will have to be patient as well.

  5. Dottie Says:

    You guys can still have the surprise factor and find out ahead of time. You can do like Jeff and I did. Take the results to the bakery and have them make the cake pink or blue inside frosting. Have friends and family come over to have cake. Then when you and J cut into the cake surprise a pink or blue cake. Loved it! I think I’m going to do it again with all my kiddos because I love the anticipation of cutting into the cake, but also knowing ahead of time.

  6. michgal18 Says:

    My hubbs and I did not find out either. He really wanted to, but I figured since I have two votes (mine and the baby’s) he got outvoted. He ended up thinking that finding out when he was born was his favorite part about the delivery! I will never, ever forget that moment and actually finding out right then made it even more amazing. But brace yourself for “are you finding out?”, “Why not?” and a whole slew of way more annoying crap to come out of people’s mouths!! (you can go back to old posts in my blog when I was prego and read all about it if you want!! 🙂 Look forward to reliving my little prego journey through you! Have fun, it is sooooo amazing!

    • teamerickson Says:

      Thanks for visiting! And thanks for the encouragement to stick with it. I think it’s just so much more exciting to find out when it pops out. We shall see!

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