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First Mother’s Day! May 10, 2010

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Well this year’s Mother’s Day was quite a bit more exciting for me than previous years.

We woke up in time to go to church and I showered and got ready.  Just as I was finished drying my hair J brought me a gift wrapped in Christmas paper with penguins on it.  Haha!  🙂  So classic.  He also got me one of those cards that plays a song when you open it.  This one sang, “Ain’t No Woman Like the One I Got…”  Cute! 

I tore through the penguin wrapping paper and found this really cute maternity top!  I had pointed it out a couple of months ago when we were at our neighborhood Target, and he went back and bought it for me the next day.  What a sweet guy!

My mom and J’s mom both got me really cute preggo Mother’s Day cards!  And J’s mom also got me a cute pregnancy mug.  It’s a white ceramic mug shaped like a pregnant belly.  Kind of hard to describe, but it looks like this…  So funny!

After church we went to Pei-Wei Asian Diner for lunch because my friend Kelly gave me a coupon for buy one get one on Mother’s Day.  I got my favorite Japanese Teriyaki bowl with tofu and brown rice.  I don’t always like tofu, but the way they cook it at Pei-Wei is delicious!!  They cook it till it’s firm, so it has the texture of chicken instead of goop.  Sooo good.

From there we headed over to the AMC Theatres.  My friend Kelly had also given us free passes to the movie Letters to Juliet.  She had gotten four passes through an online deal, so we met up with her and her husband for the movie.  It was actually really good!  It was a little cheesy, but what can you expect from a girly chick flick like that?  Plus, come on, it was FREE.  And if you know J and me, you know we can’t resist free.  Kelly and Shervon even threw down for the popcorn and soda.  What a great treat!

By the time the movie got out we were ready to head home for a bit.  I took Norm outside and gave him a good brushing while J practiced fly fishing in the back yard.  Our friend Donald is letting him borrow his pole for a while so he can get the hang of it.  Then we took Norm for a walk around the neighborhood.  When we got back J did some weed whacking with our new trimmer and I did some clean up work in the front and back yard.  J also FINALLY cut up our Christmas tree and threw it in our garbage can.  I can’t believe the thing sat in our yard till Mother’s Day.  I think we hold the record for that.  Oy.

After all the running around, we plopped down on the couches and relaxed for a while.  We were going to go out for a nice Mother’s Day dinner, but neither of us had the will to get up after all that yard work.   So J ran out and picked up some Qdoba for us.  I got a bean and cheese quesadilla with guacamole.  And he got me a surprise brownie for dessert.  Not exactly a super healthy meal, but that’s ok every once in a while.

I ran up to bed after The Celebrity Apprentice was over and I was out like a light.

It’s interesting to me to think that this same time next year we will have a crazy 6 month old on our hands.  So weird.

Baby is 15 weeks and a couple of days now!  He or she is practicing breathing with amniotic fluid.  (I have no idea how that works.)  Legs are starting to get longer than arms.  Eyes are still fused shut, BUT he or she can sense light now.  Apparently, if I shine a flash light on my tummy, he or she is likely to move away from the beam.  Still haven’t felt any real movements, but every once in a while I’ll get a little flutter.  Could be digestive.  Could be my organs moving around down there.  Could be a BABY!


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