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Movement?? May 19, 2010

Filed under: Pregnancy — teamerickson @ 8:25 am

So I think I felt the baby move last night. Am I positive? NO WAY.

I’ve heard it’s more difficult for first time moms to know when the baby moves because they don’t know what they are feeling for.

BUT! If it was the baby moving, it was really cute. J and I were lying in bed, just about to turn the lights out, and we were talking. And it was while J was talking that I started feeling a little sensation in my belly. Now, it could have totally been gas, or even just organs and stuff moving around. But if it was the baby, the little guy or gal was moving because it was hearing daddy’s voice! Is that the cutest thing ever or what?!

J and I were talking about how he would like to try reading a story to the baby while he or she is still in utero, then see if the baby recognizes the story when he reads it after birth. I think that’s a really cute idea. I know babies can recognize songs when they are sung to them in the womb, but a story is a really fun idea too!

Anyone have any good suggestions for a story? I was thinking maybe Goodnight Moon, since I LOVED that book as a little girl. But it’s up to J since it will be his story.

In other baby news…  Baby is developing fingerprints this week, along with a little layer of baby fat. Adorable! He or she is also really developing a sense of hearing. Loud noises can startle the little guy or gal. We’re almost to a full 17 weeks, and my next prenatal appointment is set for Tuesday the 25th.


4 Responses to “Movement??”

  1. Bonnie Hodgkiss Says:

    WOW! When I was trying to get some sleep is when you kids would start kicking. He/she wants to be part of the conversation already. Remember what Jason said at your wedding toast? “One thing is for sure. Gina and John will have loud kids!”

  2. Caroline Says:

    Reading to the baby is a great idea. I think the baby knows who’s who. Right after John was born, his dad said, “Hi, how’re ya doing?” There were doctors and nurses talking too, but John turned his head and looked right at Larry. We think he recognized his dad’s voice right away!

    • teamerickson Says:

      That is so adorable! I think this baby already knows daddy’s voice. Every time I’m pretty sure I feel the baby move, it’s when we’re in bed and John is talking. It’s just so cute!

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