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Another OB Appointment May 26, 2010

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Had another OB appointment yesterday.  Everything seems to be moving right along. 

Got to listen to the heartbeat again!  It’s such a thrill every time I get to hear it.  Our little one’s heart rate was at about 140 beats per minute.  A lot of people would say this means it’s probably a boy, but the heart beat theory is definitely not something to count on.  Apparently, girls usually have higher heart rates, meaning above 140 bpm, and boys usually have lower heart rates.  But fetal heart rate can change any time during pregnancy.  So either way, we shall see in October/November!

We have heard a lot of people predicting that we will have a girl.  One guy even declared he was “making a prophecy” that we would have a girl.  Haha!  🙂  I have no idea about that one, but we shall see.

J and I just want a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.

I’m starting to show just a little more.  I will try to get some pictures up by the end of the week so you can all see my little pregnant belly.  I’ll be 18 weeks on Friday!  I’ve had one other “movement” episode, but it was really quick, and I’m still not sure if it was the real thing yet.  Will keep you posted when I finally do feel it!

My next OB appointment is June 24, and that will be the “big one” where they do an ultrasound to check out all the organs and systems.  This would also normally be the appointment  where we would find out the sex, but if you’ve been reading the blog, you know we’re going to keep it a surprise.  Yay!

I’ll try to get pics up soon!


5 Responses to “Another OB Appointment”

  1. littlecpa Says:


  2. Dave Erickson Says:

    How bummed is “make a prophecy” guy going to be when baby Gunner enters the world

  3. Joanna Says:

    So funny! Ethan jokingly said that means it will be a boy too. Then he told me about the woman he saw today who knows she’s having a girl but her baby had a lower heart rate too 🙂

    • teamerickson Says:

      I know, a lot of my friends said the same thing, that they were told they’d have one gender because of the heart rate and it ended up being another. And I did some google research and it said there have been studies on heart rate and gender, and all of them said the same thing–there is no link. The only exception, one study found, was that there was a slight link during actual labor. The girls had higher heart rates then. Anyway, we shall see. 🙂

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