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Friday Update – 19 Weeks! June 4, 2010

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Only one more week and we’ll be halfway there!  I can’t even believe it.  Amazing how fast these things grow, and I’m sure it only gets faster once they’re out in the real world.

How far along?: 19 weeks! 

Maternity clothes: Well today I’m sporting some cute brown maternity capri pants.  Mom bought them for me when we were visiting my sister in Vegas.  They are super fun and cute and perfect for the hot weather we are having today!  I’ve paired the pants with a cute non-maternity pink top with a white tank underneath.  Loving all the fun clothes that accentuate my belly!

Stretch marks: Still none spotted yet, thank God! 

Sleep: My hips are starting to do this thing where they get really sore at night, so I keep waking up having to turn to the other side over and over and over again.  But at least sleep is not elusive.  Falling asleep is the easiest part.

Best moment this week: I’ve got a few… We got our Dyson Animal Vacuum this week and I love it!  More on that later.  And we scored a playpen from a garage sale for $25!  Also, we have a wonderful church intern staying with us.  His name is Spencer and he’s such a nice guy.  I cut his hair long, beautiful hair off and turned it into a faux-hawk yesterday.  Never done that before, but I think it came out ok.  Pictures later, but it kind of looks like this without the red tips.


Worst Moment this week: Had a bit of a cry meltdown the other day.  I think it’s those hormones out to get me.  I just got super sad and stressed at work and I had to go out to my car and let it all out.  I’m good now.

Movement: Haven’t felt anything this week except pressure from my round ligaments stretching.  Big movement should come any time between now and 22 weeks.  We shall see!

Food cravings/aversions: Fruit!  And I’m so lucky because Peggy made us a fruit salad at work!  I had about three helpings yesterday afternoon and another one this morning.  Delicious!  Still loving the hard-boiled eggs as well.  And as weird as it sounds, I’m not really into chocolate right now.  I still crave sweets sometimes, but I crave things like Skittles, not a Hershey bar.

Belly Button in or out?: Definitely in. 

What I miss: Having more control over my eating.  I’m ALWAYS hungry!  🙂  But I’m trying to keep myself loaded with all the right foods and nutrients instead of sugar, grease, and simple carbs.

What I am looking forward to: 30 minute massage after work, then Young Adults BBQ tonight.  So fun!  Also, J and I are going to start ripping down the T-bar acoustic ceiling in the basement this weekend so we can wire lights, put in insulation, and add drywall!  Yay!  It should be really nice in there after we finish!

Milestones: I’m looking very pregnant this week.  Still not enough for a stranger to ask me, but I think I’m growing!  Baby is the size of a LARGE heirloom tomato, and is sprouting hair on his or her head!

Symptoms: Oh the potty breaks.  Seems like I get up at least once every hour for a trip to the loo.  Also, a gang of tiny blonde hairs have taken over my belly.  Weird.


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