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First Preggo Question June 9, 2010

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So I’ve gotten the first, “Are you pregnant?” question out of the way. 

Big milestone for the week! 

A guy who had no idea asked me if I was pregnant the other night at our Young Adults group at church.  He’s a doctor, so I suppose he can tell these things pretty readily, but it still caught me by surprise. 

I thought I’d be excited when the first comment came, but I was actually kind of sad.  Made me feel a little tubby on the outside. 

Like, oh man, it’s already getting to be obvious and I’m only 19 weeks.  😦

But at the same time, I have to say, I was wearing a fitted shirt and some full panel maternity pants, so I think it was a little more obvious than not.  And, again, the guy was a doctor and he hadn’t been to Young Adults for a while, so the last time he saw me I was still rockin’ my skinny jeans.

I guess I’d better just get used to the comments and questions from here on out, cause they’re only going to get more and more frequent! 

Oh boy…

Update on the heartburn: Doing much better.  Eating MUCH more slowly.  Going on walks during breaks at work.  So I think I’m good for now.  But you never know when the beast will strike again, so I am going to buy some Gaviscon for my medicine cabinet per a tip from my old friend and brand new first time mom, Kimbo

Take that devil + creepy-weird-fire-breathing dragon!


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