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A food review and a quick update! June 24, 2010

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This week has been crazy busy.  I have an event to go to this weekend for work, so I’m swamped with work stuff.

But I need to post something before my Friday update, so here we go…

Last Friday night J and I ate, for the first time ever, at a vegetarian restaurant.  We had a Groupon (see last post if you don’t know what this is) for $35 worth of food at the WaterCourse, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

I picked J up from work on Friday and we drove downtown for our big dinner.  Let me preface this by saying that J was not expecting much.  In fact, he was expecting to have to stop by Taco Bell on the way home to get some “real food.”  Right…

Well we finally got to the restaurant, which was in a really cute part of downtown, off to the east side a smidge.  We walked in and I felt just a bit out of place.  There’s me and J, and then there’s everyone else in their skinny jeans and funky hair and eclectic jewelry and such.  I felt so uncool.

But we had a free dinner, and this place came on a really good recommendation from my work friend Deana, so I resisted the urge to sprint run walk waddle back outside.

So we sat and stared at the menu.  I had absolutely no idea what to get, but we had the budget for an appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert, so we scoured the menu for what looked the best.

For the appetizer we ordered Seitan Buffalo Wings with vegan ranch and celery sticks.  OH MY WORD.  First of all, it came to us in a HUGE basket.  And, unbeknownst to J and myself, seitan is pretty darn filling.  We could only finish about half of it, and for those of you who know my husband and me, you know we live like to eat.  It was sooooo goooooood, but we really just couldn’t finish it.  And I’ve had a hankerin’ for these buffalo wings ever since Friday.

J chose the Seitan Fajitas for his entrée.  They were delicious as well, and he could only finish HALF of his plate, people!  It was crazy.  This food is sooo filling.  And I got the Maximus Burger, which is a pinto bean and quinoa burger patty on a sweet potato bun.  I also got French fries on the side, and they come with an all natural kind of ketchup which is SO MUCH BETTER than any ketchup I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE!!

So, we were stuffed.  But of course, you can’t leave without at least tasting some dessert.  I mean, hello, did I mention I had a Groupon for $35 worth of food?  And darn it all if we weren’t going to exhaust the thing.

Our waitress brought out a tray of all-vegan desserts to choose from.  There was pie and cake and all sorts of goodness on there. 

We ended up splitting the vegan Boston Cream Pie.  And it was good.  And we ate the whole thing.  And you can’t even tell it’s vegan.  And here is the only picture I took from the night.

So we left the WaterCourse feeling stuffed, but not in the gross way you feel stuffed after you eat a burger and some chili fries.  We felt lightly stuffed and oh so satisfied with natural foods that our bodies were designed to eat. 

Needless to say, I will be going back.  And if you live in the Denver area, you should check it out!

After dinner we strolled out onto the street and it was still very warm outside so we decided to walk over to the 16th Street Mall and stroll around for a while.  We walked for about an hour or more and then headed home.  What a fantastic date night!!


We have our big ultrasound today.  It’s the one where they check all the vitals and organs and body systems and make sure that everything looks like it’s going ok.  This would also normally be the one where we find out the sex of the baby, but as most of you know we are going to keep that one in the dark.  So hopefully we do not have an “oops” where our ultrasound technician forgets to tell us to close our eyes as she’s checking out the “bits.”  It happened to our good friends Dan and Ashleigh.  What a bummer.

So anyway, keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  As a first timer, I’m a little nervous.

Will let you know how it goes in tomorrow’s update!!


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