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Weekly Update – 23 Weeks! July 2, 2010

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How far along?: 23 weeks!  Wowee, it goes so slow and yet so fast at the same time.

Maternity clothes: What in the world is better than a lightweight, cowlneck maternity sweatshirt that you can wear to work on casual Friday?  Nothing, I tell you, nothing.  

Stretch marks: Still none spotted yet, thank God! 

Sleep:  This is the weirdest thing about pregnancy.  Ok, maybe not the weirdest, considering there’s a little person moving around inside my belly, but we’ll forget about that part for now.  No matter how much sleep I get, I am still tired. 

Best moment this week: We had an event for work on Sunday (which is why I haven’t written on my blog this week–been super busy and exhausted once I get home!) and we raised a little over $25,000!  That’s about $5,000 more than last year!  I was pretty pumped about our success. 

Worst Moment this week: So like I just said, we had an event for work on Sunday.  Well I had to get up at 4:10am to get there on time.  That’s bad enough.  But I woke up every hour, on the hour, while I was sleeping because I was afraid I was going to oversleep.   So no rest for this pregnant girl.

Movement: Lots of movement this week!  Baby is really active, especially after a meal.  And apparently he or she has quite a good grip right now, so I’m sure baby has been practicing gripping the umbilical cord.  Can’t wait to have him or her grip my fingers!  Love those tiny little baby fingers.  So cute.

Food cravings/aversions:  Eggs again.  And sweets.  And this week especially, caffeine!  I had a chai tea treat on Sunday morning before my early event, and I had a cup of coffee on Monday and Tuesday to get me through the day.  Now I want one every day!  But I’m denying myself for the baby.  I know “they” say you can have a cup every day, but if I can forgo it, I will.  I don’t need coffee, so I’ll leave it alone. 

Belly Button in or out?: Definitely in, but it is beginning to flatten just a little.

What I miss: The way my chonies used to fit.  There, I said it.  And that’s enough about that.

What I am looking forward to: J and I are going on a date tonight!  I don’t know what we’re going to do, but it will probably involve an inexpensive dinner out and a walk or a movie at home.  Any way we go, I’m excited to have some down time with him.

And tomorrow I am going to start my baby registry at Babies R Us!!  My awesome mom friends, Tina and Kiffen, are going to lead the way around the store and tell J and me what’s good and what’s not so good, what we need and what we can live without.  I’m so excited to start picking this stuff out!!  Makes it so much more real!

Also, I just bought plane tickets this week to go see my parents in August!  Mom decided to fly us out there for my Grandpa’s memorial and our family reunion.  We won’t be out there for long, but it will be really fun to see my family!

And of course, we have a three day weekend this weekend, so I’m looking forward to some serious sleeping in time.  Oh, and 4th of July BBQing.  And good times with friends!

Milestones: Baby is about the size of a small doll this week.  Baby is beginning to pack on the pounds starting this week too!  In the next four weeks, his or her weight will double!  Mine, however, should not.  Let’s all say a word of prayer for that.

Symptoms: Did I mention I am TIRED?

And I will leave you with J’s most-wanted baby shirt…


One Response to “Weekly Update – 23 Weeks!”

  1. kelly Says:

    You have a fun filled weekend ahead of you. I hope everything goes as planned and you enjoy it. I’m glad baby is growing steadily. Looking forward to seeing you sunday! Kelly

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