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Registering! July 6, 2010

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So J and I registered for baby stuff at Babies R Us this weekend.  It was so fun!

And let me just say that I am sooo glad I have two wonderful mom friends, Tina and Kiffen, who accompanied me and reminded me of all the things I’ll need. 

The stores and catalogs and websites will tell you that you need to register for a TON of stuff, a lot of it totally impractical and some of it even ridiculous.  Like who really needs this spa bather thing with motorized shower head and whirlpool bath?  Come on, just stick the kid in the tub or sink, scrub down, and towel dry.  Or better yet, do it the way my folks did: While dad’s in the shower, mom tosses kid #1 in, dad scrubs kid down while kid screams head off, dad tosses #1 out to mom, mom tosses #2 into dad, dad scrubs kid down while kid screams head off, tosses #2 out to mom, and you’re done.  (Note: if any of you family or friends out there have one of these spa bath things, please don’t be offended, but you crack me up. :))

My mom friends reminded me that I probably won’t be able to use all the stuff that’s on the store’s “must have” list anyway.  So I registered for what I think are the necessities and the true wants and fun things, and let the rest go.

I love the stuff I picked out.  I can’t stop looking at it all online!  It gets me so excited about the baby.  And it feels so much more real now that I have an idea of what things might look like at our house.

Fun fun!!


4 Responses to “Registering!”

  1. Kelly James Says:

    oh great! now i cannot stop looking through all the cute things now. the stuff you picked out is very stylish, practical and such a great price range. There is something for just about anyone’s budget to pick out for you. what great taste you have.

  2. Caroline Says:

    Ha! You had me practically rolling on the floor with giggles. I can just picture bathing kids like you would at a car wash. In and out, except the cars are quiet. Your hubby when he was little, hated to have water sprayed on his head. Maybe he got that from me. I hate water in my face. Anyway, hope it’s not something passed on to the kid. Maybe that spa thing would be helpful after all (not).

    • teamerickson Says:

      Haha! We’ll see if baby has mom or dad’s tendencies toward water. I LOVED the water as a baby. But just not when my dad was bathing us. I think he liked the water a little too hot. Which would explain why I love steaming hot water now. 🙂

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