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Another ultrasound this morning July 8, 2010

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I had another ultrasound this morning because she couldn’t quite get to the face and head last time.  Baby was a little camera shy that day.  🙂

So I got to my appointment at 8:20.  Which was perfect because my appointment was scheduled for 8:30. 

I step into the waiting room and I am informed after I’ve waited for about 10 minutes that they have a new ultrasound machine this morning.  BRAND NEW!  Bad news is, they were still getting it together back there so I’d have to wait just a little more. 

And then, come to find out, there was a lady before me who was supposed to have an 8:00 appointment but she didn’t get there till 8:20.  So.  I ended up having to wait for her.  For 45 minutes.

So I finally got to go into the ultrasound room at 9:10.  And let me tell you, this brand new machine was cool!  I could see the baby so much more clearly than with the one before!  The ultrasound tech checked all over the head and face.  Baby was breech (meaning the head was up near my belly button) which made it much easier for her to see everything in there.  And it turns out that everything looks just fine and dandy!  In fact, she kept saying things like, “Oh that’s a beautiful head,” and, “What a great looking umbilical cord!”  Whatever that means.  I’m just so happy everything looks good so far! 

And now for some baby ultrasound pictures!

Here is the baby brain. So interesting and intricate to look at.


Measuring the heartbeat (between the two green lines). It was at 147 bpm today.


This is the palate, but I really have no idea what we're looking for here.


Nose and upper lip. Can you tell if baby has a Hodgkiss or an Erickson nose?


And this one is kinda creepy but really cool. It's the baby's eye! The arrow is pointing to the lens of the eyeball. Neat-o!


Ok, that’s enough of that.  Hope you enjoyed your education!


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