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Scored a baby crib! July 13, 2010

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Last Friday evening I saw that there was going to be a garage sale right up the street from us and they were selling a crib!  They didn’t have any pictures of it so I wasn’t sure if it would be what we were looking for, but we decided to give it a chance and see what was there. 

But we had a little scheduling conflict.  The sale opened at 8am and we also had a prayer meeting for church at 8am.  So we decided that God would probably forgive us for being a little late to prayer and may even bless us with a crib 🙂 and we took off to the garage sale on Saturday morning. 

When we pulled up we found a TON of baby stuff.  But we were really only there for the crib and we were on a time crunch.  So we quickly found what we were looking for. 

It was a really cute white crib with a little dust and a little dog hair, but otherwise in ok condition. 

I checked it out and realized it was a drop-side crib.  So I immediately knew we were looking at a crib that was on the huge recall list from last year.  I had already done my research on those cribs, however, and knew that the manufacturer would send out the hardware to fix it for free, no questions asked.

Anyway, you will not believe the price deal on this crib. 

It was marked at $10.  Yes.  $10. 

J and I knew we were probably going to get it, but we hmmm’d and hawww’d for a little while, so the gal who was selling it must have thought we weren’t that interested.  So she (desperately) announced, “Well, I’ll sell it to you for $7.” 

So we took it.


Praise God.

We went to prayer, then when we got home I cleaned it and we set it up.  And it is just so adorable! 

This is where my baby will be sleeping!


 I also ordered the hardware to make it a fixed side instead of drop side crib.  So we’re all set!  Makes this baby thing so much more real!

Oh, and one more garage sale find from the weekend: I got 12 cardboard books for 50 cents each!  Now we have plenty of books to start our reading.  Yay!


4 Responses to “Scored a baby crib!”

  1. Lexa Says:

    I am so happy for y’allif you neeed anything please let me know I have a ton of baby stuff but it mostly girly.

  2. teamerickson Says:

    Thanks Lexa! So good to hear from you. Wish we could see you more often!

  3. Cass Says:

    That’s awesome!!!! That crib is so cute!!!
    I guess I should be checking out some garage sales! 🙂

    • teamerickson Says:

      You totally should! I highly recommend it. I use craigslist to find some, and other times J and I just head out on a Saturday morning and see what we can find. It’s fun! Only thing is, you have to go early, like we leave the house around 7:45am. If you don’t, all the good stuff will be gone.

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