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Thank the Lord for geniuses July 15, 2010

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First of all I’d like to say Happy Birthday to my friend Rhonda!  We’re going to lunch today at Pasquini’s for her birthday, and I’m so excited to try it out!

Moving right along…

I had the most frustrating day ever yesterday.  I was at work and I signed on to my computer and our virus software popped up saying it was blocking a website.  Well, that’s funny, because I wasn’t even online.  I clicked “ok” and thought nothing of it. 

Till one minute later when it popped up again.  I clicked “ok” again. 

And one minute later it popped up again!  Oh man. 

It went on like this for quite a while.  So I emailed our IT guy and had him check it out.  He gave me couple of things to try and they worked for all of about 5 minutes. 

I called him back and he ended up signing on to my computer.  He immediately saw that the situation was pretty bad.  So he copied my profile and pulled it from my computer.  Then he worked his magic to bring my computer back to life and restored my profile on it.

Thank God it wasn’t bad enough for him to have to send it all the way up to the IT genius department.  That would have taken, as Rhonda would say in her sweet Southern accent, forty forevers.


This whole fiasco took THREE HOURS to fix.  I was sitting in my chair from 8am to 11am with absolutely nothing to do while our IT miracle worker fixed my computer. 


So anyway, my computer is fixed now.  And I am back at work.  Thank the Lord for IT.


2 Responses to “Thank the Lord for geniuses”

  1. Kimbo Says:

    By the way, those kinds of popups ARE viruses or spyware 99% of the time. Never click ok. Never ever. If you aren’t sure which one the real red X is (because sometimes they cleverly disguise the window and you can’t tell), press ALT+F4. That will close the window without allowing their crap on your computer. 😉

    this has been a friendly tip from your nerdy California friend. love ya, can’t wait to see that kiddo of yours!!!

    • teamerickson Says:

      Oh no, I would never click ok on a pop up window. I was clicking ok on our Trend Office Micro Scan thingy, which is a security program we have. It kept popping up and telling me it was blocking web pages. So annoying! And thanks for looking out for me, nerdy California friend! 🙂

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