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Mystery Solved! And some exciting News!! July 21, 2010

Filed under: Pregnancy — teamerickson @ 8:20 am

Ok, I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I really did not think to look inside the box of Pampers that we got (see yesterday’s post) to see if there was any info on who sent it to us.  I know. 


My mom in law, soon to be Grandma Caroline, and I were emailing each other yesterday and I told her about the Pampers mystery, and she wrote back that Babies R Us is supposed to include a note in gift packages.  Duh, Gina. 

So I opened the box of Pampers and found out that my beautiful, thoughtful cousin Lexa is the gifter!  Thank you Lexa!  So sweet of you!  I’ll be sending you a little note soon.  🙂


As of today, there are exactly 100 DAYS till my due date!!!

This is a really exciting time!  I can’t believe it’s getting this close.  Wowee!


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