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Weekly Update – 26 Weeks! July 23, 2010

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How far along?: 26 weeks!  Only 14 left to go.  It’s starting to get more real now.

Maternity clothes: Having fun in my pregnant clothes!  Loving the belly this week, especially.

Stretch marks: Still none spotted yet, thank God! 

Sleep:  Milestone!  Wednesday I was woken up a few minutes early by a roundhouse kick to the side of my stomach.  Baby woke me up from a dead sleep for the first time.  It was kind of cute!  And the little guy/gal hasn’t stopped moving since.  Although, I do have to say, I think baby is on the same schedule of waking and sleeping as mom for now.  Hopefully that lasts for a while.

Best moment this week:  Mom got here at 11:15 today!  We ran a couple of errands and then went to an Aveda salon and got mani/pedi’s.  Mom’s treat!  So nice.

Worst Moment this week: Not really a bad one this week.  Although I did have to sit in the blazing hot sun yesterday at a work event.  Ah well.

Movement: Like I said under the sleep category, a TON of movement in the last couple of days.  I’m surprised baby hasn’t worn him/her self out yet. 

Food cravings/aversions:  Plain M&M’s are a favorite.  Also LOVING watermelon and other fruits right now.  LOVING.

Belly Button in or out?: Definitely in, but we’re getting flatter by the week.

What I miss:  More sleep.  Haha!

What I am looking forward to:  Baby shower tomorrow!  I can’t wait.  All the gals from church are invited.  (If you are a gal from church and you’re reading this, you should have gotten an invite, but we all know how the Denver mail system is, so if you didn’t, please come!!)  And J has a double-header softball game on Sunday that we’ll take mom to.  That will be really fun!

Milestones:  Eyes are opening this week!!  That is so cool!  So baby can sense light even more now.  I’m told I can shine a flashlight on my tum tum and baby will respond.  I think that’s kinda mean though.  I wouldn’t like a bright light in my eyes if I were in the womb.

Symptoms:  Lots of moving this week!  And I’m getting some energy back, thank the Lord.  I just started taking a whole-food iron supplement and I think that’s what did the trick.  Yay for more energy!

Normally this would be my week to post belly pics, but I think I may wait till the next even-numbered week.  But I will try to take some pics at the baby shower and get them up here next week.

Love to you all!!


One Response to “Weekly Update – 26 Weeks!”

  1. Dave Erickson Says:

    Not going to lie…the prenatal animation picture is a tinie winnie bit creepy

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