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A quick hello July 29, 2010

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This week is screaming by pretty fast.  We had my mom last weekend, and this weekend we are going camping with a bunch of friends from church.  It’s going to be really fun!  Albeit a bit uncomfortable for me. 

We’ve been gathering all our camping supplies, which are currently strewn about our coffee nook area, getting everything ready to shove into the car and get on the road.  We are hoping the weather will cooperate this year. 

Spencer, our intern who is living with us, will be staying home and watching the house.  So any of you creepy burglar people out there on the interweb, be warned, you’ll have a Samoan/Hawaiian on your hands if you try anything sneaky.  🙂

And on top of all this exciting stuff going on, J had another bout with THE GOUT last night.  It kept both of us up for a while.  The guy just can’t catch a break.  Hopefully that will clear up a little better by the time we leave.

So all that to say I’m pooped. 

And here’s my short post.

And also, here’s something to celebrate…



2 Responses to “A quick hello”

  1. Kelly Says:

    three months! WOOO HOOO! Sorry about the gout. Anything he can take to ease the pain?

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