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happy birthday to my sister! August 3, 2010

Filed under: Family,Potpourri — teamerickson @ 9:46 am

Today is my sister’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Jo Jo! 

Jo sent me a pxt of the champagne cupcakes she made for her birthday. These are the times I really wish I could reach through my computer screen and into a fistful of cupcake.

We fought like cats and dogs as kids, but we’ve grown up and now we appreciate each other more than ever.  Jo is one of my closest friends, and I like to think that I’m one of hers too.  🙂

Jo, even though you were mean to me, and even though I was a bratty little sister, I’m so glad that we were born into the same family.  You’ve got all the baking/travel/tax advice I’ll ever need.  Plus, we have pretty darn good talks on the phone. 

Love you sister!  May this year be the best yet!


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