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Gender Poll on the Blog! And some other news. August 5, 2010

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Hi friends and family! 

I posted a gender poll yesterday afternoon at the top of the blog. 

Please take a minute to give us your best guess about what you think we are having!  Fun fun!

Today is the last day of my second trimester.  Tomorrow I will be at exactly 28 weeks, and in my 7th month of pregnancy.  Wow, we are moving into the final stretch here! 

Tomorrow I’ll have a week 28 update, and some belly pictures to post!  It’s been 4 weeks since my last set of pictures, and there certainly has been some growth.  🙂

In other news, I had a doctor appointment this morning.  All seems well, as far as we can tell.  My blood pressure is low–106/60, and the baby’s heart beat was around 144 bpm today. 

I also had to have a blood glucose test at the Dr. today, which will tell me if I have gestational diabetes.  Let’s pray against that!  I went in at 8am this morning, and had to drink this NASTY orange sugar drink.  It tasted like really sweet orange soda that had been left on the counter until it was flat.  Ewww.  Not the best thing that early in the morning.  Then I had to wait an hour so they could draw my blood.  So we’ll find out sometime in the next couple of days if there’s any issues.

From here on out, I get to see the Dr. every 2 weeks.  Wow!  That’s a lot!  So I’ll be back for another appointment August 18. 

Whew!  We are certainly picking up speed as we get closer to the end!


4 Responses to “Gender Poll on the Blog! And some other news.”

  1. Bonnie Hodgkiss Says:

    My computer is blocking any pictures and the poll on outlook.
    But, for the record: In the olden days we used to predict the sex by the pace of the heart beat. In our family of three kids, we was right two out of three times. Gina, you were the one we were guessing was a boy and turned out to be a girl! My guess is the baby is a boy. Love, Mom

  2. melissa Says:

    From the pictures you are all baby…and I crave watermelon…so I am voting for a boy! Love you.

    • teamerickson Says:

      Well thanks for the compliment! It’s nice to be “all baby” and not just huge. 🙂 Had some delicious watermelon last night. Hope you are enjoying some too!! And thanks for voting!

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