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Weekly Update – 28 Weeks! August 6, 2010

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How far along?:  28 weeks!  12 more to go!  Today is the first day of the third trimester.  Oh my goodness! 

Maternity clothes:  I washed my maternity jeans this week, and now they’re just a little snug.  Ohhh, so not a good sign.  

Stretch marks: Had a little scare this morning!  I thought I saw two stretch mark lines coming out of the top of my belly button, but I wasn’t sure.  I prayed against them, then I got dressed and did my makeup and then checked again, and they were gone.  I swear, God loves me enough to make my stretch marks disappear.  It’s amazing. 

Sleep:  So sore.  So tired.  So tossy-turny-changey-positioney all night long.  But it’s not that bad yet.  I’m still expecting it to get much worse.   And at least it’s still very easy for me to fall asleep. 

Best moment this week:  J’s birthday was this week!  We celebrated by going to dinner at Illegal Pete’s (it’s sort of like Chipotle or Qdoba, but better and with more options) after work.  We both got a burrito and then we ended dinner with the Sopapillas, which were DELICIOUS!!  The perfect treat to end dinner.  

Then we went home and J opened his birthday gifts from me.  I got him some Keens shoes (which he had opened the week before so he could take them camping), a gift certificate to a smoke shop (which he used that night to buy a really nice, expensive lighter), and a gift certificate for a two night stay at a nearby Double Tree hotel, which we will use soon for a baby-moon.  🙂  Can’t wait for that! 

Worst Moment this week:  Not really a worst moment this week.  Maybe being forced to chug that nasty orange drink at the Dr. office yesterday.  But it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever had to do. 

Movement:  Lots of movements, and it’s fun to watch my stomach move around with them!  Movements are definitely getting more and more powerful.  Doesn’t really feel like a tickle or a poke anymore.  More like a baby punch or baby roundhouse kick to the side.  It’s not bad at all yet, but I’m really wondering what the future will hold with all this movement. 

Food cravings/aversions:  I love hard boiled eggs and WATERMELON!!  Yum!  

Belly Button in or out?:  Just getting flatter by the day. 

What I miss:  Mmmm, this week it’s gotta be caffeine.  I know “they” say you can have a cup of coffee everyday, but I just don’t know if I agree with that.  I have a blood brain barrier to protect me, but my baby doesn’t yet.  So I’d better just skip it all together. 

What I am looking forward to:  J and I are going out tonight to celebrate his birthday big-time style!  We’re going to the WaterCourse (our all-vegetarian go-to restaurant) for dinner.  Can’t wait for the Seitan Buffalo Wings!!!  Then we’re going to go see Inception at the movies!  We don’t get to see many movies because the cost isn’t really worth it to us, so this is a real treat!!!  

And next Friday I will finally get a haircut.  I am really, really looking forward to that! 

Milestones:  Baby is blinking this week!  Yet another skill he or she will need in the real world.  And baby’s sleep now includes the REM cycle, which means he or she can dream.  I wonder what babies in the womb dream about.  Mom and dad’s voice?  Gas bubbles?  Heart beats?  The taste of new and different foods via amniotic fluid? 

Another wonderful milestone is that the lungs are almost fully developed this week.  They’re still not completely ready, as there’s no surfectant in them to help them open and close properly.  But they’re ready enough that we have a very good chance of survival if baby were born now.  And that’s good news to my ears!  

Symptoms:  I’m going to have to say lower back pain again this week.  I started wearing low heels on the advice of a co-worker, and that seems to really help!  I was very surprised, but I think it’s working! 

The good news is that my energy level has picked up considerably.  I think it’s because I’m taking an iron supplement.  I found a great one at Vitamin Cottage that’s a whole-food, all-natural supplement.  Supposedly it’s not supposed to cause constipation or any of the other unpleasant side effects that usually come with iron.  And it seems to be working! 

And now for some belly pics! 

From the front. Check out that flat belly button.


From the side. The bump is so much bigger now!


Whoa mama!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

And if you haven’t done so yet, answer the poll!!


6 Responses to “Weekly Update – 28 Weeks!”

  1. Bonnie Hodgkiss Says:

    You are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have seen so far! Love, Mom

  2. Jenn Says:

    Oh my gosh look how cute you are! Sounds like you had a good week 🙂 So what’s this trick about low heels for back pain? Might be too late for me now but I’m always happy to gain new knowledge! I voted GIRL in your poll!

    • teamerickson Says:

      Haha! Thanks Jenn! My co-worker says that wearing low heels re-distributes your weight, so instead of the back arching, it kind of pushes you forward or something, so that the weight isn’t sitting on your arched back all day. Or something like that. All I know is I think it’s working. 🙂 Thanks for voting!!

  3. Cass Says:

    You look great!!!! 🙂
    I voted girl as well, I know about 6 other pregnant ladies all due from late Oct through Dec and we are ALL having girls so I think it is like a wave of girls or something! 🙂
    So glad that you are doing well!!!

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