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camping August 11, 2010

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 I thought I should post some fun pics from our camping trip a couple of weeks ago.  I wrote the following right after we got back, but never posted it because I wanted to include some pictures.  So here I am, finally getting around to that…

Well, camping was great.  

I was actually very surprised at how well I did at 9000+ feet while sleeping in a tent and going potty in vault toilets.  Ewww.  I had a wonderful time with friends!  

And the food was good too.  J and Phil even made some tri-tip, BBQ chicken, and Caesar salad for dinner on Saturday.  Best camping food I’ve ever had!  

The camping part was relaxing, but I’m still completely exhausted from the trip.  And I’ve got a few mounds of laundry to do tonight.  But it was all worth it!  Having fun with friends for a whole weekend is the best! 

Norm was all excited to be outside!

J playing a game that Donald invented. Or something like that.

The guys played this for hours. Here is Dan.

And hours. (Luke)

We also got in some good relaxation time!

Peyton Manning James. The only sissy dog on the trip. Ah, but we love him.

And our youngest camper was all smiles!

That’s it until next year, when we’ll see how J and I do with an 8 month old up there.  Not sure if mama’s gonna be able to make it for both nights.  But we might try one.  Might.  Maybe.  We’ll see.


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  1. Oh yeah. That Luke guy is one good looking man. And, so talented at the game of Washers too.


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