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Other summer updates August 12, 2010

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I thought I’d share a couple more pictures of fun times from this summer. 

J played rec softball on Sunday afternoons with a group of guys from church.  I finally took a couple of photos at his final game. 

J, Shervon, and Phil.


J playing catcher.


J about to smash the heck out of the ball.


And now for some photos of what we did for J’s birthday!  

Eating delicous Seitan Wings at the WaterCourse. I think I ate more than J. I was hungry. Plus these are just so good!


For an entree, I had the Dona Lee sandwich (herb-encrusted seitan in a pita with avocado, tomato, lettuce and ranch) and J had the Reuben sandwich, made with a portabella mushroom.  Yum!  

Our free vegan cupcake for dessert! This picture does not do justice to the size of this monster. It was huge! And tasty!


J, looking oh so handsome. Or maybe scowly cause he doesn't want me taking his picture. Whatevs.


After dinner at the WaterCourse we went to the movies and saw Inception.  It was a great story, and very entertaining.  But it was also really tiring to watch!  So many visual effects!  

Ok, that’s it.  Now you are officially caught up to speed with our summer doings, minus working on the basement just about every free second we get.  Will post pics of that when we finish!


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