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Weekly Update – Week 30! August 20, 2010

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How far along?:  30 weeks!  10 more to go!  I thought I’d feel a lot further along by now.  Still seems like we’ve got a long wait.

Maternity clothes:  Are fun!  I can’t imagine going back to my regular jeans.  Uncomfortable!  But it must be done, and I know I’ll love the way they look when I can finally squeeze myself into them.  No rush, but that will be nice.

Stretch marks:  Still no stretch marks!!!

Sleep:  Well this week has been crazy, so I have not gotten nearly enough ZZZ’s.  Working on the basement, laundry, and everything else has kept me up late.  Booo.

Best moment this week:  Finishing the main room in the basement!!!  It’s so awesome to go down there and look around now.  I love it.  The space looks so much more like a part of our house now, instead of the creepy basement. 

I also had fun watching the Broncos on Sunday, even though they lost.  I’m just excited that it’s football season again!  That means it’s also bean dip season!

Worst Moment this week:  Getting weighed in at the Dr. 


I keep telling myself that it’s ok and it’ll all be worth it. 

Movement:  Still a lot of movement.  And I’m seeing my stomach move more and more!  The jabs have begun to get quite a bit more uncomfortable this week.  I can definitely feel it when baby decides to get a good stretch in.

Food cravings/aversions:  I really want m&m’s.  Everyday around 2pm I get this urge to eat them.  And they’re plentiful in my office.  But I’m trying my best to avoid them since I know they’re not the best for me.  What’s weird is that there’s plenty of other chocolate in my office too, but m&m’s are the only thing I want. 

Belly Button in or out?:  Still getting flatter and flatter.   

What I miss:  Sleep.  I want to sleep for like 12 hours straight.  I want to go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 10 or 11am.  Oh I miss those days.  And I know they’re not going to come back now that we’ll have a baby. 

What I am looking forward to:  Seeing my parents and brother and sister and bro-in-law!  And some other family members and friends too!  Can’t wait! 

Also, I got some good news that J’s parents are probably going to make a trip out here in a couple of weeks to help us finish our basement and other little house projects!  What a seriously awesome blessing!  Can’t wait to see them too!  It’s been a long time.

Milestones:  The little wrinkles are starting to form in baby’s brain this week, making it so he or she can be a genius, just like Auntie Jo.  🙂  The lanugo (body hair) that was all over the baby is now starting to shed because baby is beginning to regulate his or her body temperature.  And one more thing – baby’s bone marrow has taken over the process of producing red blood cells.  So the great thing is that our baby is one week closer to being able to survive outside of the womb!  Go baby!

Symptoms:  I’ve been super sore this week.  I think it’s from all the remodeling and painting and such, but my body is definitely not snapping back like normal.  That, and the whole tired thing, of course.

No pictures to post this week.  Did not have time.  But I will post some again at week 32!!!!!!!!!


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