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4 years of togetherness September 2, 2010

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Today is our 4 year anniversary.

4 years.

Of love.

Of kisses.

Of dinner for 2.

Of laughing till we cry.

Of having a shoulder to lean on.

That seems like a long time, but I know in the scheme of things we’re still practically newlyweds.

And we’re still having fun!


4 Responses to “4 years of togetherness”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Gina you and I have the exact same wedding anniversary Rob and I got married 9-2-06 in front of portage glacier in ak

  2. Dad Says:

    September 6, 2010 This is mom again.
    Dad and I are so proud and happy to see you two so happy with eachother and having a baby! You have accomplished a lot in just four years…moving to CO, finding new jobs, leadership in your church, buying a house, adopting Norm, and all the remodeling! You have made your home your oasis and ministered to a lot of people there including me! Love, Mom

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