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All the fun stuff! September 14, 2010

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J and I went shopping this weekend at Babies R Us to get some more stuff on our registry.  We got all sorts of “needs,” mostly boring stuff like a mattress cover and a car window shade and the ever important breast feeding supplies and creams and such. 

We looked around at a few fun things, but didn’t buy any. 

Until!  J pointed out we hadn’t bought boy/girl outfits for the ride home from the hospital.

Since we’re not going to find out ahead of time what type of baby we’re having, we wanted to buy one cute boy outfit and one cute girl outfit for bringing Jr. home from the hospital.  When baby makes his or her entrance, we’ll send my mom home to wash the appropriate outfit and we’ll return the other one.  We’ll just keep them on the hangers until then.

So, I wanted to show the world the absolute CUTENESS of the outfits we picked out.  J picked out the girl outfit, and I got to choose the boy outfit.  SO FUN FUN FUN!

This is the one J picked out. It's fleece pants and a hoodie jacket with a cute polka dot onesie underneath!

And here is the one I picked out. Notice the Broncos color scheme. 🙂 This is a sweatshirt like material for the pants and jacket with a plain onesie underneath. The jacket says, "Mommy's Football All Star"

So how cute are those?!  I am so excited to put baby in one of them.  Yay!


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