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Home construction September 15, 2010

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I would just like to note, first and foremost, that the votes for “IT’S A GIRL” have taken a commanding lead recently.  Not sure what this trend is about or what it all means, but there’s a useful tidbit for ya.  Or not so useful.  Anyway, on to more important other things… 

I only got two pictures of the home construction while mom and dad Erickson were here.  😦  In fact, I only got two pictures while mom and dad Erickson were here. 

I know, I am a terrible photographer.  And by photographer, I don’t mean a person with actual skill in taking photos.  I mean a person who actually takes the time to TAKE photos.  Although, I have to admit I have zero skill in either definition of the word.  But I digress…  This blog has helped a lot with my lack of photography, but I’m still not so good at recording life’s moments on film.  Or digital card.  Or whatever you call it these days. 

But I did get a couple of photos, so here goes nothing… 

Larry painting the pretty blue trim in the downstairs bedroom!


J looking so excited to get started on the Whole Wheat walls. Yay...


And here is a double-whammy for you!  This is the adorable kid size rocking chair that mom and dad Erickson brought with them from CA!  And also you can see the baseboard the boys put in on the main floor.  Looks pretty nice, eh? 

You can see the beautiful baseboards in the background!


I will post pictures of the finished basement bedroom soon, probably next week.  Just waiting on J to put the final touches on the baseboard and we’ll be all set.


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