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I just about died September 22, 2010

Filed under: Pregnancy — teamerickson @ 11:19 am

Ok, not literally.

So I’m wearing a cute black maternity dress today.

I was bending over in my chair to open a drawer and…

I saw a huge purple varicose vein on my leg.


(This is the part where I just about died.)

So I scraped at it with my fingernail.


I licked my finger and tried to rub it off.


So I rubbed harder.


So I licked my finger again and rubbed as hard as I could.

And it came off.

And I came back to life.

It was some type of purple marker or something that mysteriously appeared on my leg.

I do not have varicose veins.

Praise the Lord and can I get an AMEN!


3 Responses to “I just about died”

  1. kelly Says:

    you had me going for a second there. Thank the LORD!

  2. D Says:

    Amen!! And oh my word, I am laughing so hard right now!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, you know, the classic “D” laugh…the one you could hear from anywhere on campus 🙂 I know you miss that sound! Love you girl!

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