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Weekly Update – 35 weeks! September 24, 2010

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How far along?:  35 weeks!  Only 5 weeks to go!  And 35 days!!  Or really, let’s be more realistic about this:  Could be 7 weeks to go and 49 days.  Oh Lordy please don’t let it be.

Maternity clothes:  It was finally cool enough ONE day this week to wear my corduroys.  I have three pairs of corduroy maternity pants that I haven’t even been able to wear because it’s so dang hot outside.  WHEN WILL THE SNOW COME?!!!!!!!!!!!

Stretch marks:  Still no stretch marks!!!  I can’t believe it.  But I’m not getting my hopes up about not getting them.  I know I’ve still got more growing to do. 

Sleep:  Well I’m getting my normal sleep in.  By “normal” I mean really crummy pregnancy sleep.  I’ve become accustomed to it.  BUT.  J has not been sleeping well lately.  He told me it’s because every time I toss or turn or get up to use the bathroom or (get this) breathe heavy, he wakes up.  Talk about a sensitive man.  🙂  So I’m going to buy him some earplugs today.  I love him so much that I’ll invest $5 or even $10 if it helps him sleep through the night.  But he’d better remember this in 35-49 days… 

Best moment this week:  This week I’m training the gal at work who is going to replace me when I go on maternity leave.  She’s already well acquainted with all of us here because she fills in part time for reception and other admin duties.  Plus her mom works here.  So anyway, her training is going awesome!  She’s picking it up very quickly.  So I’m super excited that I’m going to have a smart person filling in for me, versus a numskull temp who knows nothing about our foundation.

Also, had my Dr. appt. this week and baby is doing just fine!  His or her little heart beat has certainly jumped!  It was at 160 bpm today!  And all I had eaten was 4 M&M’s and a glass of milk for breakfast.  (I ate more later, don’t worry, it’s just that my appt. was early.)

Worst Moment this week:   So the Biggest Loser premiered this week.  This would normally be a very exciting thing for me.  Except that the premier was totally boring.  BORING!  So whatever.  I know it will probably pick up next week.  So I’ll stay tuned.

Movement:  There was a lot of movement today!  Good fun times.  Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a contraction and baby stretching. 

Oh cuteness!  I just rubbed my stomach to see if baby would respond and I got quite a few kicks and taps!  Love that.  Just love it.

Food cravings/aversions:  Chocolate.  Just chocolate this week.  But I didn’t eat any today or yesterday.  (Except the 4 M&M’s for breakfast, but that’s cause they’re in my countdown jar of days till baby arrives, so I have a good excuse there.)

Belly Button in or out?:  Still getting flatter and flatter.  Creepy.

What I miss:  I miss being really, really comfortable while lounging around.  I also miss cuddling up in bed and falling into a deep, deep, deep sleep.

What I am looking forward to:  Ultrasound in two more weeks!  Can’t wait to see how big baby is!  Also looking forward to our babymoon (like a honeymoon for pregnant couples) that J and I are going to take soon!  Will write about that after it happens. AND!  AND!  I’m going to have a massage today!  I took a PTO day at work, so I’m going to get a prenatal massage for myself.  I cannot wait!

Milestones:  Baby is now most likely fully grown as far as height goes.  He or she is topped out around 20 inches and will stay that way till birth.  BUT, baby is still packing on the pounds, probably at a rate of close to a half pound a week!  He or she is already around 5.5 lbs!  And from here on out, that’s baby’s basic job–pack on the pounds.

Symptoms:  Still with the numbness of the hands.  Also, tired.  And my back hurts.


6 Responses to “Weekly Update – 35 weeks!”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Glad to see the M&M Countdown Jar is catching on 🙂

  2. Dad Says:

    160 heartrate. It may be a girl!
    earplugs: Ceona showed us some great ones. they are clear moldable round and flat. you just press them in your ear opening and they form to it and seal off the sound. No twisting and gouging your ear canal. Find them in the cold medications/ear drops section at Freds…Wahlgreen’s probably has them there. Look for a clear flat case about 4 ” long. Love, Mom

  3. Caroline Says:

    Earplugs, yes!! Earplugs have been my standard nighttime equipment for a while. They get rid of the little noises, but not big snoring. I ocasionally use gun headphones for that. Now how romantic is that? Trust me, earplugs are wonderful. The hardest part, though, is when you put them in your ear, you can hear your own heartbeat and your ear scraping against the pillow until you get used to it. I use Flents. They are little sponges that look like marshmellows, rated to muffle 29 decibles. They cost about $7 at CVS for 25 pairs. I didn’t start using them until J & D were past toddler age because I wanted to hear them if they woke up. Love, Mom Caroline

    • teamerickson Says:

      J really likes the ones in the hunting section at Walmart. They look REALLY uncomfortable to me, but I think they deaden the sound so much for him that it’s worth it. They are a soft plastic insert with a string attached, so if they fall out he can find them quickly. I don’t think I’d ever be able to use something like that, but whatever works! 🙂 Oh, and they’re only $2 at Walmart! So I guess I shouldn’t bug him about it too much! 🙂

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