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Yay for fall! September 28, 2010

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I love fall.  It is probably my favorite season of all. 

Not too hot. 

Not too cold. 

Pretty colors. 

Warm blankets. 



Yesterday I went to my local King Soopers (ridiculous name, but it’s my favorite grocery store) and I picked up two small pumpkins and a cinnamon broom!  I put them on either side of the fireplace when I got home and now my house looks so festive!

And!  And!  I picked up a can of pumpkin and made my first pumpkin pie of the season last night.  Oh it was so delicious and perfect with a little bit of vanilla ice cream on top. 

The only thing that would have made the night better is if we could have had a fire in the fireplace.  But considering that Denver still hasn’t picked up the hint that it’s FALL, I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon.   What’s the point of building a fire when the air conditioning is still running?

Yeah, we’re still having 90 degree days here.  Booo, Denver.  Booo.  When will you learn that it’s not the middle of August?

So anyway, one more exciting tidbit for you…

I am the honored associate at work for the month of October!  Hooray!

Every honored associate gets a flower arrangement, and you will not believe what I got…

Isn't this just perfect for me?!


The flowers are in a clay pumpkin pot that I’ll be able to use for festive fall decorating FOREVER!  (Or until J or one of his offspring accidentally drops it.  I have learned to not become too attached to anything that enters my home.  Boys…  :))


2 Responses to “Yay for fall!”

  1. Dad Says:

    Mom here. Congrats on your being on the honored list at work. I’m not surprised! The pumpkin is cute. When you were little you used to say, something “punkin”. It was so cute. The work before punkin is probably in your baby book. It used to be in my memory. Love, Mom

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