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Oh look everyone! September 29, 2010

Filed under: Pregnancy — teamerickson @ 2:15 pm

My baby is on the last square of the countdown!

Oh, and big news, we have exactly one month till our due date on Oct. 29!

One month!


3 Responses to “Oh look everyone!”

  1. kelly Says:

    oh, the last block. I hope this doesnt mean you will stop blogging when baby is born. I cannot wait to meet baby G! you look wonderful every time I see you, even though I am sure you havent REALLY slept in months.

  2. teamerickson Says:

    Yeah, I can’t stop blogging once the baby is born. Pretty sure grandparents on both sides would make a big stink about that idea. 🙂

    • Caroline Says:

      Yeah! We are really counting on pictures and more baby pictures and more blog stuff. One thing we appreciate about you Gina is that you work hard at staying in touch. I think all the future grandparents will agree–bring on the blog!

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