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FYI October 13, 2010

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Some people have asked when I’m going to stop working and take maternity leave.

My official answer is I’m not.  I’m planning on going into labor right here at my desk.  In my chair.

I honestly can’t imagine leaving work early only to sit at home and do nothing except WAIT. 

I would drive myself crazy.

I would walk 5 miles a day. 

I would down a few bottles of castor oil. 

And I would be super depressed. 

Anyway, my job is fairly easy and I sit down all day at my computer and type.  So it’s not like there’s a physical reason to take an early leave.  And I like the people here.  So I think I’ll stick around till D-Day. 

At least I’ll have a reason to get up and put on pants in the morning.


9 Responses to “FYI”

  1. Kelly Says:

    D-Day is around the corner and I dont know why someone would take off more time then they had to. I suppose if someone was having an awfully difficult pregnancy that would be reason to take the final week away from work to relax. Anyways, hope your work baby shower was fun. Post pictures of the nursery when it’s all ready.

  2. Scott Says:

    This post reads like it was written by my wife. The doctor’s office called to ask when she wanted to start her disability, and she told them, “Friday, October 22nd.”

    She’s due October 21st.

  3. Kimbo Says:

    I thought the saaaaame thing until I started getting REALLY miserable around 35 weeks. And then every day was a struggle to make it to work and through the day. Of course, my feet were each the size of a goodyear blimp – but still. So I was off for a week and a half before I actually went into labor. It was only the day of my due date and the 2 days after that were super difficult to be at home waiting. Other than that I was enjoying Netflix instant, folding baby clothes and nesting. 😉 I suggest taking at least a day or two off before the actual due date, if nothing else than to stock up on a little sleep. 😉 after sleeping terribly all night I always slept better in the mornings.

  4. Kimbo Says:

    oh, and the day I went into labor my mom came to my rescue, took me to lunch and a pedi and shopping to walk and try to get my mind off of still being pregnant. I guess it worked since I went into labor that evening! haha

    • teamerickson Says:

      I totally remember your misery from your blog posts. 🙂 I felt so bad for you, and I was praying you would go into labor every day. It would be really nice to take some extra time off, but I kind of think I’ll want it more when baby gets here. If only we could have maternity leave more like the way the Europeans do it. Ya know, they get like 6 months or more PAID. Hello. Yes please. I keep trying to convince John we should move to the home of his ancestors. We would fit right in with the Swedes. But noooo….

      • Kimbo Says:

        Oh, I completely misunderstood the benefits available. you can probably get 18 weeks, 6 for disability and 12 for the paid family leave act. I thought it was just 6. or maybe it’s 12 total, so 6 and 6. anyway, I only took 9 and I kicked myself once I realized I could’ve had more. :p

      • teamerickson Says:

        CA has way better benefits than anywhere else in the nation. Employers don’t even have to offer paid maternity leave here. Boooo. I’m lucky that I get 6 weeks at 50% pay, but I had to sign up for that benefit so I’m still kind of paying for it through insurance payments at work. Ah well.

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