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The nursery! October 14, 2010

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Our nursery is nowhere near being totally set up, but I do have a couple of cute photos of our crib all decorated up!

Our nursery “theme” is basically just greens, browns, neutrals, and white.  I’m not a big fan of themes, but I am a big fan of fun colors. 

So here is our crib…

I'll probably move it out of the corner once we get everything organized in there. I'll just center it along the green wall.

A little closer up. Our bedding set is from a line called Bunny Meadow. It's really appropriate for our suburb, since there are bunnies EVERYWHERE. They're like possums, only more plentiful.

And another one at a slight angle. Remember when I posted about this crib? Got it for $7 at a yard sale. LOVE IT!

So anyway, there’s a glimpse into our nursery.  We’ve also got the changing table and glider all set up and ready.  (I built them BOTH BY MYSELF!  Aren’t you proud, Dad?!)  Still need to paint the dresser we got from Craigslist.  Hopefully mom can help with that.  🙂 

In other news:  Had another Dr. appt. today.  Still dilated at about 3cm.  And the Dr. wants to strip my membranes if I make it to next week.  Here’s hoping I don’t!  🙂


9 Responses to “The nursery!”

  1. kj Says:

    Excuse me? your doctor wants to strip you? What crank does that mean? you’re scaring me here Mrs. Erickson.

  2. kj Says:

    oh and cute crib set. i meant to mention that first.

    • teamerickson Says:

      LOL! Yes, Dr. wants to strip my membranes. It basically just means that she’ll detatch the amniotic sac from the wall that its attached to and it will bring on some contractions. If my body is ready for labor, it will go into labor. If not, I will have some good contractions and will dilate even more. So either way it can be helpful.

  3. kj Says:

    Oh! Sorry, I need to learn all about this stuff all over again. I think I learned that years ago, but have since forgotten. When’s you appointment for stripping? Do you have your group text saved in your cell phone msg drafts? 🙂 I really hope your mom can make it here in time.

  4. Dad Says:

    I reccomend that you don’t let them strip your brains out, that probably won’t turn out good.
    Mom is practicing her painting as we / I speak on that kids furniture set she bought.
    The crib looks good, and good job on the slider and changing table. See there were a few things I taught you that actually have some value.

    Love Dad

    • teamerickson Says:

      Hahaha! I totally laughed out loud there! Yes, I’ll try to keep them away from my brains. 🙂

      Mom said her table and chairs are turning out nicely, so that’s good to hear! Hoping she might be able to help with the dresser, but if not, that might become your job.

      And yes, there were many things you taught me that have become very valuable. Like the time we had to set up our own camping tent in the dark. When we asked why you wouldn’t do it for us you said, “Because girls, when you marry some IDIOT and he takes you camping in the middle of the night and has no idea what to do with a tent, you’ll know how to set it up.” Haha! Oh man, I still remember that one. And I can still set up my own tent. Though, I have to say, neither of us married idiots. And thank God for that.

  5. Mom Says:

    The nursery stuff looks darling! I love the colors and patterns!
    I’m ready to paint anything now…just finished the second hand kids table and chairs we found in the Proctor District. Love, Mom

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