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Weekly Update – 38 weeks! October 15, 2010

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How far along?:  38 weeks!  Only 2 weeks to go!  And 14 days!!  Let’s all hope I don’t make it there.  🙂

Maternity clothes:  Loving my big jeans still.  And today, as you will see in the photos below, I am wearing the cute cotton tank J got me for Mother’s Day this year.  It fits now!

Stretch marks:  Still the same ones under the belly button.  😦

Sleep:  Why is it that I always get thirsty at night?  I seriously can’t resist a huge glass of water.  And then I pay for it dearly by waking up every three hours or so.  Maybe this is God’s way of getting me used to waking up for feedings in the middle of the night.

Best moment this week:  My coworkers threw us a baby shower this week!  It was on Tuesday and J came over to the office for it.  It was so sweet of them!  A bunch of them went together to get us some of the big stuff on our registry, including our mattress!  It’s so nice to have all that taken care of.  And I got my Moby Wrap.  Oh I am so excited about that!

We also got an awesome fruit basket from our pals Eunice and Mike last night.  It was so sweet and thoughtful!  I ate a banana from it this morning.  And I have an Apple Pear in my lunch.  I’ve never had one of those, so looking forward to trying something new!  And there’s mango in there too, so I’ll have to dig into that later!!

Worst Moment this week:   Still being pregnant when I woke up this morning…  🙂  Honestly my memory is a little shot right now, so I can’t think of a worst moment.

Movement:  Baby has slowed down considerably cause it is getting super duper crowded in there.  But I’m still feeling it every now and then.  Especially when baby wants to stretch out and jams his or her little tushy right up into my rib cage.  What a sweetie.

Food cravings/aversions:  I’d really like a nice, juicy filet mignon right now.  Oh man that sounds so good!  J was talking about maybe taking me out on a date tonight, so I think I may request somewhere with red meat.

Belly Button in or out?:  Still getting flatter and flatter.  Creepy.

What I miss:  Hopping out of bed.  Ya know, just jumping right out.  Without having to wind up first.  Also, rolling over in bed without looking like I’m wrestling an alligator.  (The alligator in this scenario is my body pillow.)

What I am looking forward to:  LABOR.  I know, I won’t be loving it once it starts, but I’m looking forward to getting this gimondo baby out.  And we have two more classes this weekend, one for CPR & First Aid, and one for Baby Care.  So here’s to hoping we can put J’s “what to do with a choking baby” fear to rest.

Milestones:  Baby is ready.  Soooo ready.  He or she is huge.  The head is engaged.  Mom is 3cm dilated and measuring more like 39 weeks.  Baby’s just packin’ on the pounds in there.  And maybe finishing some last minute details.  COME OUT BABY!  WE WANT TO MEET YOU!!!

Symptoms:  Oh my achin’ bacon.  My back has been killin’ this week.  I’m also all sorts of exhausted.  Not even really in the mood to nest.  I just don’t have the energy for it.  Ah well, whatever still needs to get done can be finished after the baby is here.  So I’m going to relax.

From the front. Notice the top J gave me for Mother's Day. What a sweet guy.


The Bump from the side. It just keeps growing.


And the bump in all its glory.


Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous weekend!  If I happen to cross your mind, just shout out a little prayer that I’ll go into labor.  🙂


11 Responses to “Weekly Update – 38 weeks!”

  1. kj Says:

    Okay, Just prayed you would go into labor. Did it work? 🙂 just kidding… love you Gina E and your big belly too. On anyone else they would look weird, but you make that baby belly look so pretty. It must be all the glowing your doing or the smile from all the sweet things John does for you. Let me know if you need anything, im only a hop skip and jump away. ~Kelly

    • teamerickson Says:

      Nope, hasn’t worked yet, but will let you know if it does!!! J and I are thinking about going to a movie tonight, and wouldn’t that be the perfect time to go into labor?! Thanks for the sweet encouragement Kelly! You’re always good for picking a girl’s spirits up! 🙂

  2. Dad Says:

    No labor till Mom gets well.

    Love ya


  3. Kimbo Says:

    I neeeeed to go take CPR, I swear this kid chokes on his own spit/post_nasal drip alllll the time. it’s freaking scary.

    and I really do suggest a tub and mesh sling/seat to go in it. it’s the only way Aaron can bathe him without thinking he’s going to drown him. poor guy, haha

  4. Caroline Says:

    Yep, the prayers are a’comin’. Even friends of ours who you don’t know are praying! Praying hard for you, for the baby, for John, for the perfect timing, for the doctors and nurses–praying that you don’t have to have that scrapey procedure, that John will be nearby, that Bonnie gets better fast! Keep tabs on your backache, by the way. A friend said last night that her labor was all in her back. Because it didn’t feel like labor, she didn’t realize it and was going to drive to the store before her mom intervened!

    Do you want to hear a spiritual story about John’s birth? Maybe not, but it’s not gross. Well, here goes: During the labor, a scripture came to mind and it really helped me. Maybe it will help you too. It says, “He [God] sent from above, he took me [John], he drew me out of many waters…He brought me forth into a large place; He delivered me because He delighted in me.” HA, it seemed like baby John was thinking that because he really wanted out of that cramped place, RIGHT NOW! Anyway, that’s in Psalm 18:19. Not only did I want this baby to be born, he surely wanted out of there so he could move around in a large place. It sounds like you are ready! Love you, Larry & Caroline

    • teamerickson Says:

      Thank you for the prayers. I surely do need them right now. This whole pregnancy thing is getting old! 🙂 I’m definitely keeping tabs on my back. Hopefully I don’t have back labor, but if it’s the only thing that will get me from pregnant to not pregnant, I will deal with it! 🙂 I remembre that story about John and the verse. Hilarious! He was ready to go!

  5. Mom Says:

    I’m excited to be in on the birth of our little grandbaby! If it comes before I get there, that’s okay too. Looking forward to some fun times as we get to know this little personality! Love, Mom

  6. Jenn Says:

    Gina you look so great! Sending you a prayer for a good night’s sleep tonight. Hoping you can treasure these little moments leading up to baby’s birth 🙂

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