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He’s here! November 2, 2010

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Ok, so he’s been here for a week now.  Gimme a break.  🙂

Arrived Monday, October 25 at 8:48 am.  7lbs 13oz and 21.5 inches long!  Praise the Lord he wasn’t super huge! 

Labor was less than 4 hours from the time water broke till the time Gunnar was here!

Here’s a picture of our beautiful baby boy, Gunnar David Erickson.

Too much Halloween candy. Nom nom nom.


We’re all doing great for now, albeit a little sleep deprived.  Will write a detailed birth story later.  It’s a good one!


7 Responses to “He’s here!”

  1. Kim Says:



    4 hours??? Dang, Gina! you rock that whole labor thing or something!

  2. Kelly Says:

    The baby has made it to the Erickson blog. It seems like just yesterday that I subscribed to your blog to learn about all the wonders and joys of pregnancy. It’s been a long and “blessed” ride. Gunnar is one good lookin fella! I mean look at him sporting his halloween one-z! With pumpkin feet to boot! AWESOME! Glad you are doing well! lots of hugs, Kjj

  3. Grandma Hodgkiss Says:

    He is one of the cutest newborn babies I’ve ever seen!

  4. Congratulations! I have been checking in on your blog for several weeks now and I am so happy your sweet baby is finally here!

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