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The way I see things now that I’m a mama January 25, 2011

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Gunnar is three months old today.  Sooo, here’s how things have changed…

I now scour my town for healthy restaurants with drive-thru’s.  Who wants to walk into a Chipotle with a baby carrier, only to walk out with a baby carrier AND a bag of food AND two drinks.  Yeah, not me.

Instead of circling the grocery store two or three times to find the closest spot, I now circle the grocery store to find the closest spot to a shopping cart return stall thingy.  I can’t carry that heavy car seat all the way into the store.

I never thought I’d say this, but I actually understand the mama’s who leave their kids in the car when they’re only running into the store for a quick errand.  I’d never do it, but I totally get it.

I now make a point to hold open doors for pregnant ladies and gals with strollers.  Hello.  Consideration.

I see how much I’m willing to sacrifice for someone I love.  Like denying the Ice Cream much.  I love Gunnar a whole Baskin Robbins PB & Chocolate Ice Cream scoop worth.  Seriously kiddo.  Dairy sensitivity?  Couldn’t you have asked God to be sensitive to, oh, I don’t know, haggis?

I’ve had a water bottle next to me at all times since the day Gunnar came into the world.  Thirsty?  When you’re supplying two people’s water, it’s no joke.

I no longer believe that 6:00 AM is early.  And I’ve discovered I can smile at 3:00 AM when I’m woken up by a screaming child.  Because a screaming child means LIFE!

I really do think my kid is the cutest baby out there.  All other babies pale in comparison.  I only have eyes for him.  Well, and his daddy, but those are different eyes.

I can’t do it all, but I can do a lot.  Some days I feel like SuperMom, and other days I feel like Super-needs-to-get-some-good-sleep-before-she-can-function-Mom.  But each and every day I am amazed at what the human body and mind can do.  Thank you God for creating us to be able to handle so much!

Before I had this kiddo, I figured I would worry a lot about every little cry or bump or tummy upset.  And I’m surprised that I just don’t.  Kids are made to withstand a whole lot, and as long as they’re in a loving environment, they’ll probably turn out just fine.

So that’s just a few things, but wow am I surprised at motherhood.  I just plain love it.


4 Responses to “The way I see things now that I’m a mama”

  1. KjJ Says:

    Gina E! You write again! 3months already? Gunnar is so sweet and handsome. I love his bright blue eyes and how he smirks. Too bad about the bonnet thing (Colorado rash thing on his head). Glad to know its just because of the enviroment and not anything serious. Anyways, I knew you would be a great mom and I’m glad to see you are enjoying it. Remember when you didnt carry a purse just a little business card case? My my my oh how your carrying load has changed.

  2. Mom & Dad Hodgkiss Says:

    You have described new motherhood so well! Parenthood has challenges all along the way. You have adjusted to being pregnant, having a baby, caring for him, and returning to part-time work, all in less than a year. I would like to say that you have conquered the most difficult part of parenting, but for now I will say you have conquered one of the most difficult times. Love, Mom

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