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Oh the girliness of it all October 7, 2011

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Quick update on the deck pieces that were left: The people who originally came and got the deck, came back later yesterday afternoon and picked up the rest of it. So no more deck for us to get rid of. The gals who picked it up said they are going to build a goat pen out of it for a homestead. Anyone know what a “homestead” is in today’s society?

Went shopping today for a friend who is pregnant with a baby girl. Since this is her second baby, all she wants are clothes. CLOTHES!

Shopping for baby girl clothes is the BEST! They are just so darn cute. How do designers even come up with the adorable accents and colors and patterns that they put on those clothes? I have no idea. But boy, I am a sucker for ’em.

I went to TJ Maxx with a couple of my girlfriends who also needed to shop for our pregnant friend. Oh my word at the cute. And each of us left with at least a couple of things that we LOVED and we knew our friend would love too!

So here’s the thing… I’ve really taken the time to think logically about this pregnancy, and I’ve decided that either way I’d be happy. If I have another boy, Gunnar will have a playmate for life. Someone to wrestle with. Someone to play football with. Someone to talk about girls with. Plus, I already have a boy, so I know a little about what goes on with them. But if I have a girl, well, I don’t have one of those. So that would be neat! And then I’d have one of each. Plus, Big J with a teeny little girl… I mean, come on! Could it get any cuter than that?!

I’m really just hoping for a healthy pregnancy and baby, but all that girly shopping today really made me want one of my own. I can’t wait to find out with this one!


One Response to “Oh the girliness of it all”

  1. Mom & Dad Hodgkiss Says:

    Grandma and Grandpa will be happy with a girl or a boy. We enjoy Gunnar so much when we get to be with him. It fun seeing the pictures and videos of him and skypeing! We are looking forward to Christmas when all our kids come home! Love, Mom

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