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TWOsday Update Week 15 November 2, 2011

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How far along?:  15 weeks. And 25-ish to go.

Maternity clothes:  It’s kind of a bummer that I have more maternity clothes than regular clothes. And for the most part, they are cuter too! And more comfy. I may actually be a little sad when my years of child bearing are over, as my wardrobe will be seriously lacking.

Stretch marks:  No new ones to report. Thank goodness! The ones from last time have almost disappeared, but I’m betting they’ll come back with a vengeance sometime during the 3rd trimester.

Sleep:  Not terrible. I think the second trimester brings relief in all sorts of ways. I’m sleeping a tad bit better, and that leads to more energy. Of course, I did have a glass of wine (shhh! don’t tell my doc!) last night, so that may have helped. Most experts now agree that a glass of wine every once in a while is just fine during pregnancy. And ya know, most of our moms did it and look how we turned out. Pretty darn good.

Best moment this week:  I think this award has to go to Gunnar’s birthday party. We packed out the house on Sunday with somewhere around 40-50 people and had a blast! Lots of food, including cheese fondue! And some seriously awesome presents for my little man. We needed clothes, and we got CLOTHES. We could use some new toys, and we got TOYS. We also had a potluck at our house on Friday night for our Young Marrieds group. That was super fun too! Tons and tons and tons of food. Love it! So, two parties at my house in one weekend. Stressful? Yes. A bit much? Possibly. Totally fun and worth it? Heck yes!

Worst Moment this week:  Cleaning up my house after two parties in one weekend. Crazy time. Thank the Lord I had Becca C. to help me. She cleans houses and is super affordable. She came over for two hours and did all the stuff I hate doing. You know, all the regular yucky stuff. And now my house is sparkling clean! Yay!!

Movement:  I feel like I’m feeling this baby move sometimes, but I think it’s just air bubbles moving around in there. Can’t wait to feel him or her soon!

Food cravings/aversions:  Loving protein right now. Not really chicken so much. But I’m loving my eggs again and LOVING red meat. I’ve been craving it. We went to a party on Saturday night at Mel & Jim’s and she served carne asada. Oh. My. Word. I ate a ton. It was so delicious! And I took a bag home and have been nibbling on it ever since.

Belly Button in or out?:  Oh its in all right. It would be total madness if it were out already!

What I miss:  My cute red sweatshirt. It’s small. It’s too small. And I may not fit into it again until after my child bearing years, and by then it may be totally out of style.

What I am looking forward to:  Thanksgiving! Now that it’s November I’m really excited about Turkey Day! I love everything about it. Mostly, I love that there’s lots and lots of delicious food, and no pressure with presents. 🙂 I’m looking forward to some turkey and gravy and potatoes and J’s favorite – stuffing!

Milestones:  Baby is the size of an orange! That’s huge! Baby is practicing a lot of things for life outside the womb. He or she is doing water aerobics in my tum tum. Baby can wiggle fingers and toes. And baby is practicing breathing too! That’s a skill he or she will most definitely need 25-ish weeks from now.

Symptoms:  Yesterday I was actually thinking, “Man, I feel pretty great.” If  it weren’t for the weight gain (a blessing and a curse all at the same time), I wouldn’t really even think I was pregnant. Good news to be feeling this well again. Thank God for the second trimester.


2 Responses to “TWOsday Update Week 15”

  1. Mom & Dad Hodgkiss Says:

    Dear Gina,
    It is so good to hear the joy in your writing, and that you are feeling more energetic and having more fun!
    I didn’t know Gunnar’s birthday party had so many people attend! Wow! You and John are really good at hospitality. Love, Mom

  2. amy white Says:

    I totally have way more maternity/stretchy stuff than normal people stuff. then there is the postpartum, “fat box”. Lot’s of stuff has been tossed in there lately, since I loose weight at the beginning of my pregnancies. Yesterday, I took out my maternity thanksgiving shirt (see FB pic of fam posted today). This is the 4th thanksgiving in six years of marriage i’ve worn that bad boy! Yeah for stretchy clothes!

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