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Christmas Time is Here! December 4, 2011

Filed under: Home,Potpourri — teamerickson @ 4:46 pm

I’m going to make a Yule Log! My very first one. I will let you know how that goes. J is going to help, so how could it go wrong? Also, I think we’re going to try to make our own wreath too.

Fingers crossed that both projects go well since they’ll bring the majority of the Christmas spirit to our home this year.

We’re not getting a tree.

I KNOW. Trust me, I know.

But we’re leaving on Christmas Eve to be with my family for my first Christmas home since 2003 (I KNOW!!!), and we’ll be there till the New Year… so coming back home after a nice big vacation only to have to take down all the Christmas decorations by myself (because J will be at work) would be pretty depressing. But a wreath and a Yule Log? Fun! And easy to dispose of. 🙂 And I’ll be making them with branches cut off of trees from the Rocky Mountains, not some fake wannabe Christmas tree from Home Depot or Walmart. Boo-yah.

So hopefully this project works out. I will let you know…


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