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TWOsday Update Week 20!!! December 6, 2011

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How far along?:  20 weeks and 20-ish to go! Happy half way to me!!!

Maternity clothes:  I could just live in sweats right now. It has snowed three or four times in the last week here in the Mile High city, and sweats are just sooo appealing when it’s 6 degrees outside. I’m not kidding.

Stretch marks:  No new ones to report. Thank goodness! The ones from last time have almost disappeared, but I’m betting they’ll come back with a vengeance sometime during the 3rd trimester.

Sleep:  Same old stuff, just a different day. I really have to start enforcing bed time on myself. It’s just so difficult sometimes. I was tired and ready for bed last night at 9:00pm but we were watching a movie, so I didn’t go to bed until 10. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I really just have to lay the smack down on myself.

Best moment this week:  I got my first ever toaster oven for FREE! Well, almost free. My good friend Jonelle happened to have $30 in Kohl’s cash that she didn’t need and offered to me. (Praise God for fun, generous, thoughtful friends!!) I only ended up paying about $5 for it! Our microwave has been acting a little sketchy lately, and we’ve wanted a toaster oven for a while now. So I decided it was time to take the plunge and buy one. And boy do I love leftovers in that thing! I even made an apple crisp in there last night for dessert! So fun, and so great for the energy savings.

Worst Moment this week:  Oooo, most definitely driving home from a kids sale with my friend Candace and sliding all over the roads from the snow. We have an AWD Subaru, but the tires are in really bad shape. I was trying to stop at a stop light and we just kept going. It was so scary! We were getting pretty close to the car in front of us when both Candace and I said at about the same time, “Jesus, please stop this car!” And the car stopped. Miracles do happen.

Movement:  I kept getting poked in the bladder last night. And I really had to go potty. Not fun! The baby is so small at this time that his or her little legs and arms feel like fingers poking me. Mean little baby.

Food cravings/aversions:  I could eat a burger every day. Or a filet mignon. Either will do. Man, this baby must be growing a ton cause I’m so hungry for beef!!

Belly Button in or out?:  Oh its in all right. It would be total madness if it were out already!

What I miss:  I miss being pregnant when I only had myself to worry about. 🙂 Not that I would trade Gunnar for anything, but sometimes I think those gals who have like six babies all at once have the right idea. Just get em all out and get on with it. It’s rough being pregnant with a one year old!

What I am looking forward to:  My ultrasound on Friday!! I can’t wait! I want to hear that everything is going well in there and that we have a little baby BOY or GIRL. The 20 week ultrasound brings some pretty good anxiety with it too. If there were something wrong in there, we’d typically find out about it on Friday. So I’m praying for a clear report and no issues whatsoever.

Also looking forward to our amazing and fun friends Bryan and Kristin coming to visit all the way from CA! Can’t wait to see them. We miss them a ton! She’s going to give Gunnar his first hair cut! And she’s going to give me my first haircut… in a while.

Milestones:  Fruit of the week: a small cantaloupe. My baby is a little melon. Wowza. He or she is about 10 ounces and has a height of 6.5 inches. Baby is growing like a weed this week! Can’t wait to see him or her on the ultrasound!

Symptoms:  I’ve got some serious neck and shoulder pain this week. Probably from carrying around a certain you-know-who. 🙂


2 Responses to “TWOsday Update Week 20!!!”

  1. Mom & Dad Hodgkiss Says:

    This is an exciting week for us! Will you be putting the ultasound on your website or somewhere that we can see the little darling?
    That’s really scarey about the sliding on ice with the car! Even good tires might not prevent that, but I hope you guys can get some new tires soon. Thank you Jesus for protecting our Gina, her little bambino, and her friend! Love, Mom

    • teamerickson Says:

      This is quite the exciting week! Thanks mom. 🙂 We will be getting new tires soon. We have the $$ saved up, but just haven’t gone in yet. Hopefully we can get that done ASAP!! I’ll try to get the ultrasound pictures up, hopefully they’ll give me the pics on CD so I can just post them. If they’re on paper I’ll have to take them somewhere to get scanned first. We’ll see!

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