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TWOsday Update Week 24 January 4, 2012

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Happy New Year everyone! Hoping 2012 brings you all new joy and excitement.

How far along?:  24 weeks and 16-ish to go! And there’s only 4 more weeks till I’m in my third trimester. Wow. It’s getting ridiculously closer!

Maternity clothes:  Shlubbin it today. Sweatshirt, big jeans, no make up. Felt pretty cute over our vacation though. I kept myself looking nice since we were seeing people I hadn’t seen in a while. Plus, with the exception of PJ’s, I only brought cute clothes, so I had no other choice. 🙂

Stretch marks:  No new ones to report. Thank goodness! The ones from last time have almost disappeared, but I’m betting they’ll come back with a vengeance sometime during the 3rd trimester.

Sleep:  I went to bed our first night back from vacation at 9pm. And Gunnar let me sleep in the next morning till 9am. Holy smokes I felt like a brand new woman! And I still took a nap that day. Oh boy was I refreshed and ready to grocery shop that night. Didn’t sleep as well last night, but am going to try going to bed early again tonight. Hope it works out!

Best moment this week: Where do I even start? Just being home for the Holidays for the first time since 2002 was amazing. I LOVED seeing all my family and having all of us together for Christmas day. And it was so good to get to introduce Gunnar to everyone he hasn’t met yet, including some of my family in Portland.

Another great moment – Gunnar learned to walk while we were there! My parents got to see it! So fun for Grandma and Grandpa, since they live so far away and don’t get to see a lot of those milestones.

Loved seeing those few friends we had time to squeeze into the schedule as well. I wish we would have had more time to see more people, but we were limited. There’s always next time!

Worst Moment this week:  Leaving Washington. I hate leaving family. And that day was the worst too. I had a headache all day and Gunnar was SUPER cranky on the plane back home to Denver. He wanted to be up and running around and didn’t get the idea that we had to stay in our seats. Poor kiddo. Just wanted to practice his new walking skills.

Movement:  Ok, the movement has all of a sudden kicked into high gear. This kid is pushing me on all sides. Real nice, Genevieve. J got to feel her move last night for the first time! He said it made it so much more real. We are really going to have two kids in our house in April.

Food cravings/aversions:  Ice cream and sweets this week. Oh boy, not great things for me or for baby. But I try to keep most of my day on the healthy side so I can have little treats here or there.

Belly Button in or out?:  Oh its in all right. It would be total madness if it were out already! But I have to say it is getting flatter by the week now.

What I miss:  Not having to go potty every 10 minutes. Oy, so annoying.

What I am looking forward to:  I have an ultrasound on Friday to make sure we’ve got a girl in there, and to double check a few other bodily systems. I can’t wait! I love getting a look at what’s going on in there. So fun!

Milestones:  Baby girl is 1.5 pounds this week! She gained a half a pound in the last 2 weeks! Crazy! That’s my girl. 🙂 Her face is also fully formed now. If we could peek inside we would see who she resembles most, if she looks just like mama or dada. Her hearing is also a lot sharper now, so she can make out more sounds. She can hear me, of course, and also her Dada and big brother. She can hear music and even hear sirens going by!

Symptoms:  Seems like the same thing every week. Tired and highly emotional. Poor, poor, dear J. (I wrote this two weeks ago, and yet it still rings true. Being pregnant is rough on the mama and the dada.)


2 Responses to “TWOsday Update Week 24”

  1. Bonnie E. Hodgkiss Says:

    It is always fun to read the updates your pregnancy! We had so much fun with you, John and Gunnar. I am glad you had over a week to stay with us. We looked forward to seeing Gunnar with all his energy every morning! He is really going strong on his walking. I am looking forward to 16-ish weeks from now when I get to visit you! Love, Mom

    • teamerickson Says:

      Me too, mom! Can’t wait to have you out here. And it’ll be sooo nice to have you around to look after Gunnar while I’m dealing with the “new baby craziness.” Love you!

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