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TWOsday Update Week 25 January 11, 2012

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How far along?:  25 weeks and 15-ish to go! Wow, this is really starting to sink in. This baby is on her way and she’ll be here before we know it! As of Tuesday, January 10, there are only 105 days to go till my due date. So much to do!

Maternity clothes:  I always feel really cute in my maternity jean skirt, brown tights, olive boots, and a fun sweater or long-sleeved shirt. So I wear that basic outfit to church every Sunday. I wonder if anyone notices…

Stretch marks:  No new ones to report. Thank goodness! The ones from last time have almost disappeared, but I’m betting they’ll come back with a vengeance sometime during the 3rd trimester.

Sleep:  I need more. I’ve been waking up to pee at least once a night, and waking up even more often to change positions or try to shake the numbness out of my hands or arms. Numbness. Yes. Another thing I can chalk up to pregnancy.

Best moment this week: What happened this week? Criminey. I can’t even remember. Will come back to this…

(10 minutes later…)

Ah yes! I went to my ultrasound and not only found out that everything is A-ok and right on track, I also found out that we are most definitely having a girl! Can’t wait to meet our little Vivvi! (Vivvi is the Swedish nickname for Genevieve. Look at me and my Swedish family!)

Worst Moment this week:  Gunnar got a pretty bad cold. This was not fun. (Is it ever when your kid is sick?) He’s mostly over it by now, but still has some coughing and a little nasal drippage.

Movement:  Oh boy. This girl is gonna keep mama up at night. I can tell it already. She’s pretty excited some days about whatever is going on in there. And I’m starting to be able to see the movement from the outside. This is kind of exciting because it totally freaks out some people.

Food cravings/aversions:  Sugar. That’s about all. Oh, and chocolate. I think having a girl makes you have twice the estrogen or something.

Belly Button in or out?:  Oh its in all right. It would be total madness if it were out already! But I have to say it is getting flatter by the week now.

What I miss:  Having a whole lot more control over my emotions and cravings. Both are Double-O-C… Out of Control!

What I am looking forward to:  Right now, getting this baby out. I have a friend who just had her baby this week, right on the due date. Have to admit I was a little jealous. Yet, at the same time, it would be total madness if I had my baby now. Not a good thing.

Milestones:  Vivvi is 9 inches this week! She’s over a pound and a half too. Big girl! Developments this week are the capillaries under the skin and the lungs. The lungs still have a very long way to go until they’re ready, but they’re making big strides this week with blood vessels developing and also surfactant, the substance that helps them to expand.

Symptoms:  Crying for no reason. Numbness in hands. Have to go potty all the time. Can’t get comfortable at night. Finding it harder and harder to tie my own shoes. And more! 🙂


2 Responses to “TWOsday Update Week 25”

  1. Bonnie E. Hodgkiss Says:

    It is so exciting finding out all this information about our granddaughter! We did not have access to all the scientific technology that you have today.
    Dad says you have a lot of Swedish from John’s side and (1/8) Swede from my side (Grandma Jean), and Heinz 57 and mutt from his side. Really I believe you have predominantly English, Scotch-Irish, French, and American Indian. You also have English, Scotch Irish and Slovak (1/8) from Grandpa Jack’s side. If you ever want some Slovak names let me know. Love, Mom

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