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My baby boy’s first black eye January 26, 2012

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Let’s just put it out there at the beginning of this post that the reason I’m calling this his “first” black eye is because the kid is so tough I am sure there will be more to come. He’s rough and tumble. A real boy’s boy. And I’m ok with that. I might freak out the first couple of times he has a black eye, but I’ll calm down once he’s old enough to tell me he’s “fine mom” in that sarcastic tone of voice every mother loves to hear.

So, my baby Gunnar got his first black eye yesterday. He was walking around the living room and happened to trip over some pillows, which landed his little face straight into the metal bar ofย  the couch. It’s covered in fabric, but the hit still broke the skin and caused a few drops of blood to fall. And he woke up with a little shiner under his eye this morning. Kid is tough!

You can't see it super well in this picture, but it's there. We'll see if it gets darker tomorrow. You know I'll be documenting it!

There’s no spot to record this milestone in his baby book, so I thought I’d do it right here on the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love my baby boy! He’s cute even with the damages to his face.

Now let me get on my high horse and tell you: THIS is why we don’t baby proof our house. I mean, sure I put glass things and daddy’s electronic toys out of reach, but that’s about it. Make the kitchen cabinets impossible to open? Nope. Cover the fireplace brick with soft foam padding? Nope. Put outlet covers on? Nope. (BTW, I asked my dear old dad, the electrician, about this. He said the kid will get a good shock, but they’re not going to die if they stick a pair of scissors in there. And that is how we teach our kids to not be idiots. Let ’em learn.)

We don’t baby proof our house all that much because kids are going to get hurt no matter what you do. There was nothing I could have done to prevent Gunnar from falling into the one and only dangerous spot on the couch. I actually didn’t even know that metal bar was there till yesterday.

Now, I’m all for safety and being careful, but I’m also all for letting kids figure things out on their own, and for teaching them that there are boundaries in life.

Also, I am totally for parental responsibility. You can’t just leave your kid alone in the kitchen to figure out on his own that it’s not a good idea to drink the Clorox.

And now, let me get off my high horse and say that in about three more months, I may eat crow and baby proof the whole dang house. I’ll be a little bit preoccupied with a new baby and may not be able to keep my eye on Gunnar 100% of the time. So we shall see how my attitude changes…


2 Responses to “My baby boy’s first black eye”

  1. Grandma Says:

    You forgot to notice that Grandma put outlet covers on all the reachable outlets. One of the first things Gunnar did was crawl over to an outlet and pull off the cover with his little fingernail!

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