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TWOsday Update Week 31 February 21, 2012

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How far along?:  31 weeks and 9-ish to go! Basically two months away. Wow. Not too far off!

Maternity clothes:  Sunday I felt great and looked cute! It’s always nice to have an excuse to dress up a little, and church is the perfect one. But then Monday morning hit. Oh blah. All I wanted to wear yesterday was sweats. I woke up feeling not so good. I think Genevieve put herself in a nice position to make mama feel pretty darn nauseous. And it lasted ALL DAY. So the order of the day was sweats. I’m pretty much repeating that today. But tomorrow I have women’s Bible study in the morning, so I’ll have another reason to get up and put on something that makes me feel good. 🙂

Stretch marks:  Ok, I still don’t have any new ones, but the ones from Gunnar are really starting to show more. Boo! Good thing it’s nowhere near bikini season. Not that I’d be wearing one anyway.

Sleep:  Still need to get myself to bed earlier. I did ok last night, but then J and I stayed up talking so it ruined the whole thing! In a good way. I’m waking up every morning feeling like I could sleep for another 3 hours or so. Ah well. That’s what nap time is for! And thank the Lord I have a good little sleeper on my hands!

Best moment this week: Two great things have happened recently – we found out that J is getting a 5% raise at work!! Then we found out we’ll be getting money back for our taxes!! Praise the Lord, our God provides!! One other fun thing that happened this week was Gunnar started getting really cranky at me on Saturday around 5pm. I asked him if he wanted to go “night night” and he said in his little whiny voice, “yeah.” So I said, “Ok, let’s go upstairs.” He grabbed his blanky and water bottle and started going upstairs. I put him in bed and he went out without a peep. Then he SLEPT IN till 8am!!! That’s 15 hours! I think he’s going through a growth spurt because he’s been especially tired lately. Love those growth spurts!!

Worst Moment this week:  Probably the entire day yesterday. I woke up feeling yucky and went to bed still feeling yucky. Yesterday was one of those days where I really needed a grandma around for Gunnar. Gramma Bonnie? Gramma Caroline? Who wants to move here? 🙂

Movement:  She’s just making mama sick with her positioning lately. Also, I had a little coffee today and she started really kicking around. That’s always fun to watch my belly move from the outside!

Food cravings/aversions:  Ice cream!!! I love it. My favorite is the Kroger brand Private Selection ice cream called Denali Mint Moose Tracks. Oh how I love it!

Belly Button in or out?:  Just continuing to get flatter and flatter. Boy it looks weird. Gunnar still loves it though!

What I miss:  Not rolling over every couple of hours in bed because the side I’m lying on is numb.

What I am looking forward to: Getting this baby girl out! Haha! I’m really looking forward to my 36 week ultrasound. It’s the last one before she gets here, and I can’t wait to see her!

Milestones:  Genevieve is over three pounds and somewhere around 18 inches! She’ll gain around 3-5 more pounds and 2-3 more inches before we meet her. She can perceive information from all five senses too! (She actually can’t smell anything, but if she could her brain would be able to process it. Cool!)

Symptoms:  The waddle. Feeling like I can’t breathe. Or eat much. Tired. Cranky. All that stuff.


5 Responses to “TWOsday Update Week 31”

  1. Mom Says:

    I love how Gunnar knew he wanted to go “night night”. You and Joanna were like that, or Joanna was like that and you were following her example. So, the blankly attachment is not a bad thing.

    Nausea is not fun. When is your next OB appointment? You might call them to see if it is normal to be nauseous. I guess I was sometimes late in pregnancy, but it was from motion sickness or bad smells like cigarettes.

    It is really great looking forward to seeing Joanna and then your family and my new granddaughter! I hope we can all get together before Joanna and Lee leave the country…family work party/vacation in Vegas?

    Love, Mom

  2. Mom Says:

    Oh! Congratulations to John! Way to go on getting the raise! Bonnie

    • teamerickson Says:

      Yes! We totally want to drive out to Vegas before Lee and Joanna leave. I asked Joanna about it and she said it would be more fun than stressful to have us out. 🙂 We can’t wait to see you too!

  3. Dad Says:

    I don’t have any money, but I’m savin’ up a buck for Genevieve’s first chocolate ice cream cone, when she’s about 4 months! Hahaha! Love, Dad

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