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Words with Gunnar March 16, 2012

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Now that Gunnar is 16.5 months, he is finally talking. He talks a lot of nonsense, especially when we’re riding in the car. But he does know some actual words by now, and I thought I’d write them down just for fun.

Gunnar’s first word was, of course, Dada. He just LOVES to talk about Dada. Blah blah blah Dada blah blah…

Gunnar and his Dada

Gunnar and his Dada

His second word was “Yeah,” meaning yes. Also pronounced “Dah” on occasion, and usually accompanied by vigorous nodding of the head whenever referring to food.

His third word, and the one I count as his first real word was “Shoes.” He loves to talk about his shoes. Also loves to carry them around and stack them in different arrangements.

(Notice that I haven’t mentioned “Mama” yet. He said it once or twice pretty early on, but then was mum on the word for months. Yeah…)

Other words Gunnar knows, with their pronunciations in quotes:
Outside – “sigh”
Football – “fa-ah”
Ball – “bah”
Bird – “buh”
Book – “buh” (can’t tell the difference between this one and bird)
Socks – “socks” or “sos”
Some – “some” (always used in reference to food)
Down – “dun” or “duh”
What’s that? – “sat”
Show – “show” (as in, I want to watch a TV show)
Baby – “baby” or “behbeh”

And my personal fav:
Mama – “mama” (It’s about dang time I get some credit around here. This one is only used in situations of dire need or when Gunnar really wants to make mama happy. It’s definitely not an everyday word yet.)

Happy kiddo


2 Responses to “Words with Gunnar”

  1. Mom Says:

    Its so fun to read your commentaries Gina. You could write a book on pregnancy and parenting.

    Gunnar is his own little guy. His first words are not all the usual ones. I think Mama is such a part of his life that he assumes you know you are his mama and he doesn’t need to assure you. I would love to hear him say mama too, and then grandma. I guess we will have to wait a little longer.

    It is so great that he loves and identifies with his Dada! Love, Mom

    • teamerickson Says:

      Yep, Gunnar is definitely his own little person! And he definitely loves his Dada. 🙂 Maybe he’ll say Grandma while you’re here. He has one more month to figure it out! 🙂

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