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TWOsday Update Week 36!!!!!! March 27, 2012

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How far along?:  36 weeks and counting. Only 4-ish left! That’s right around a month left. Wow. I can’t believe it! Sometimes it seems that this pregnancy has gone by super quickly. And other times it seems that it just drags right along. But right now we are so close I can taste it!

Maternity clothes:  I have these one jeans that don’t have a full belly band in them. They’re sort of low-cut I guess. Anyway, I tried wearing them yesterday with a sweatshirt to do my grocery shopping and I had to keep touching my belly to make sure it wasn’t showing. I thought the sweatshirt would cover it. NOPE. Oh this belly is just huge.

Stretch marks:  The ones I had with Gunnar are beginning to slowly (very slowly) grow. But it’s ok. I’ve settled in my mind that they’re my battle scars. I’ll be proud of them.

Sleep:  Not too terrible. Though I am waking up at least four times a night to tinkle. I think the improved sleep may be because of the ceiling fan. It’s finally hot enough to sleep with that thing on. And the air circulation seems to be helping! It has been right around 80 degrees in Denver since last week. It’s crazy! Everything is starting to bloom (or at least buds are starting to show), which makes me nervous because we could totally still have a huge blizzard in April. You just never know.

Best moment this week:  I had some extra energy on Friday, so I decided to rake the leaves out of my front yard. Well, after I did that I looked at the UGLY rose bushes (and I mean ugly – they were mostly all dead) that have been there since we moved in 2.5 years ago and decided I might try to dig those out. So I dug out 6 rose bushes AND a tree that happened to be growing up in the middle of them. I was totally exhausted afterward and very sore the next day, but it was so worth it! And now I can plant something else there. Fun!

Another great moment: garage sale-ing with my friends. What a great time! And look what I found!

Matching chairs for Gunnar and Genevieve!! Both of them for $5! What a deal!

We can take them camping too. They fold up nicely. Gunnar likes the pink one better right now, but I think I’m going to fold that one up and save it for Genevieve. It’s totally fine for a boy to like pink and have a pink chair… but I’m guessing there will come a day where he may want to opt for the blue one. And I don’t want my kiddos to get into a big fight over who gets what chair. So blue for Gunnar and pink for Genevieve.

Worst Moment this week:  Oh you will never believe what happened. I noticed a large water leakage bubble in our ceiling below our bathroom on Friday afternoon. J got up Saturday and started poking around at it. He finally just tore a hole right through the ceiling to discover which pipe was leaking.

You can't really tell from the picture, but this hole is about 3ft x 2ft.

Well, that was a lot more difficult than we thought. Nothing happened when we ran the shower, sink, or toilet, so we had to do A LOT of investigating. Finally on Saturday night after running the water for at least 1.5 hours that day, we discovered that the water was leaking through the place where the bath faucet and hot/cold water knobs connect to the shower wall. The bead of caulk that usually surrounds them and keeps the water from seeping through had mostly eroded. So water was getting through when we were taking our showers because it was bouncing off our backs and onto the wall, then straight through the cracks in the caulking. (There was no pipe or drain leakage. Thank God!) So now we are left with a hole in our ceiling and some black mold up in the sub-floor. What a bummer!

Movement:  Not too much movement since there’s not too much room, but she’s still kickin’ away and making me uncomfortable. I can’t wait to meet her! I feel her kicks and punches and I’m so excited to see those kicks and punches outside. 🙂

Food cravings/aversions:  Oh. My. Word. J made me French dip the other night and it was AMAZING. He makes it in the crock pot and slow cooks it all day. There are just no words for it. And tonight we are having the leftovers. I can’t wait till dinner! 🙂

Belly Button in or out?:  Just continuing to get flatter and flatter. Boy it looks weird. Gunnar still loves it though!

What I miss:  I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… BENDING OVER. Gunnar drops food and toys and all sorts of things on the floor all the time, and it’s just getting more and more difficult for me to pick things up and keep them clean.

What I am looking forward to:  My 36 week ultrasound this Thursday morning! Can’t wait to get another peek at this girl! I think they also start checking me to see if I’ve dilated or effaced at all during this appointment. Hoping I’ll get some of the work done before I’m in labor. I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced with Gunnar for 3 weeks before I went into full on labor. It would be nice if the same (or more!) is true for Genevieve! Also REALLY looking forward to Genevieve’s baby shower on Saturday! Some of the girls from church and I are getting together for a good time. And I’m sure Genevieve will score some pretty good outfits. 🙂

Milestones:  Genevieve is probably as tall as she’s gonna get. And she’s around 6 lbs. this week! She’s pretty much ready for life on the outside. Her systems are all in place and there’s not much else that needs to be done. The only thing she’s doing these days is gaining a little more weight and storing up her energy so she’ll be ready for her debut. So now we play the waiting game…

Symptoms:  Peeing like a race horse and waddling like a penguin. I’ve also had a few painless Braxton Hicks contractions this week! Sounds like my body is getting ready for the big day!!!


One Response to “TWOsday Update Week 36!!!!!!”

  1. Mom Says:

    It is so good to know that your leaking in the bathroom was only a minor repair.
    Gunnar looks so cute in his sister’s new chair!
    These last few weeks should be fun. Have a great time at your baby shower!
    I am looking forward to hearing about (seeing?) Genevieve’s ultrasound!!
    Love, Mom

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