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Anything for contractions April 4, 2012

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I’ve been doing as much work as I can manage, and I’ve been getting a lot of contractions for it! Remember – this is good because I’m full term now and the more work my body does now, the less it has to do later. 🙂

So today I dug a large hole and planted a really heavy shrub all by myself. I probably should have waited for J to get home, but I just couldn’t! I really wanted to see what it would look like in our front yard.

Some friends of ours from church, John and Sarita, were wanting to find a good home for this shrub since they were replacing it with something new. I said I’d take it because we have an empty flower bed in front of the house that needs something big and sun-loving in the far corner of it. We picked it up on Monday, but because of the snow that evening and all day Tuesday, I couldn’t even get out to dig a hole to put it in. The poor thing has been sitting on our garage floor and hasn’t had any water since John and Sarita dug it out this weekend. I was going to put it in a bucket but it was too big to fit in there.

So anyway, like I said, I dug the hole today. And once that was done there was no turning back. So I drug it over by myself (and this thing is HEAVY!) and maneuvered it into the hole, then drowned it with water. I think it looks great! Apparently so does Mother Nature because we already have a little spider working its way from the pine tree to the shrub and it’s only been planted for about an hour. 🙂

And here are the photos!

My favorite photo. This really shows the fiery red color of the shrub. It's so pretty!

View from the side.

View from the inside of the house. I didn't think about this when I was placing it, but it actually gives a little privacy too!

I’m expecting that tonight I’ll have a good amount of contracting going on. Whoop!


2 Responses to “Anything for contractions”

  1. Mom Says:

    Real pretty shrub! It looks real nice there. I will look forward to seeing it spring out with colored leaves. It reminds me of the stories about women who were pregnant and working in the fields. When they went into labor, the midwives would take them home to have the baby. The next day they had the baby strapped on their back and working the soil again! Mom

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