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I spoke too soon April 17, 2012

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Disclaimer: This is long, but I wrote it so I could have a true history of what happened the week before Genevieve got here. Maybe she’ll read it someday and we can all have a good laugh about it.

I actually wrote my update for today last night. Yep, I’m a cheater.

I had some extra time on my hands because J needed to head out to Home Depot for some things, so I thought writing my update ahead of time and scheduling it to post today would be an awesome idea. And truth be told, it was, considering I could not have written it this morning.

You see, my “worst moment of the week” had not quite concluded…

At around 9 pm I started to hear Gunnar cry up in his room. It didn’t seem like a big deal and he wasn’t screaming or really upset, so I let it go for about 10 minutes. Normally I would have just continued to let it go, but something told me I should go check on him.

I walked upstairs and opened his door and was immediately hit with THE STENCH. Oh the stench. And that’s when you know either there’s poop all over the place or there’s vomit all over the place.

Oh God please let it be poop.

Nope. No such luck. Vomit was everywhere.

Now, luckily I’m the type of gal who can just pull it together when it comes to bodily fluids and get things done. So I picked up my sad little guy, stripped him down, and threw him in the bath, much to his delight. He was tired, but playing happily so I had J sit with him while I dealt with THE STENCH.

I stripped the crib, cleaned the carpet, and re-made everything in lightning fast fashion. I gave J some new PJ’s, lotion, and a towel and he took care of things in that department.

As J was putting the new PJ’s on Gunnar, he started to cough and then vomited all over the bathroom floor. Fantastic.

So we threw those PJ’s into the growing laundry pile and got him some fresh ones. Then I sat down with him in the rocking chair and hummed to him. He threw up a couple more times, but then fell asleep on me.

“Sweet victory!” I thought to myself, and began cleaning up the mess in the bathroom.

A couple minutes into that I heard it again – the retching and coughing followed by crying. Oh my poor baby!

I rushed in once again and picked him up, changed him out of his PJ’s (this time there wasn’t much that came up so I just used a diaper wipe to clean him up), and changed his sheets. By now the laundry pile had reached the two-load size. Yippy.

I took my sad little guy downstairs and set him down. He immediately began playing with his toys like nothing was wrong. And nothing was wrong except that it was now 10pm and my kid is throwing up and there is no end in sight and he should be in bed and mama should too! So I turned on Netflix to Sesame Street and we watched an episode, because what else do you do with a sick kid when you don’t want to put him back in bed for fear he’ll vomit again and you’ll run out of sheets and blankies and teddy bears?

And he continued to vomit about every 10-15 minutes. Nothing big as his stomach was almost empty by that time, but man it was sad to watch.

J, my strong and faithful support, finally went to bed around midnight or so and I stayed up with sick-o.

All in all, we watched about 5 hour long episodes of Sesame Street. It’s not bad TV. Pretty educational. Sometimes funny. And Gunnar really enjoyed an episode that had balloons in it. He kept saying, “Boon? Boon?” He was pretty excited about that.

Around 2 am he seemed to be slowing down on the vomiting and he was yelling at me for water, so I decided to give him a little Pedialyte. I gave him just a taste and he swallowed it in no time at all and handed me his sippy back, demanding more. Uh-oh. I knew it wasn’t a good idea, but I gave him a little more and let him guzzle it again. About 10 minutes later it all came rushing back up. The good part of this was that he learned his lesson. He didn’t ask me for any more water.

I waited for a while longer to make sure he wasn’t going to throw up again, and around 3:15 am I finally dropped him peacefully into bed. He was exhausted and went right out.

I cleaned up a couple more things and hopped into bed around 3:30 am, thinking I was safe to sleep till at least 9 the next morning.

Again, nope. No such luck.

I first heard the chatter around 7 am. I rolled out of bed and walked into his room around 7:15. And my sad little guy from the night before had suddenly turned into a crazy fireball of spunk and fun and energy. Yay. Oh yay.

J had to head off to work, so I was on my own. But before he left he pointed out to me, most encouragingly, that it’s better to have a crazy fireball of spunk than a crazy fireball of vomit. Yes, J. Good point. Good point.

Gunnar sucked down a couple sippies full of Pedialyte and was happy as a clam. I turned on the Today Show, put up the baby gate in the living room, and stretched out on the floor with a pillow. Right around 8:30 am Gunnar whined, crawled up in my lap, and put his head down. I asked him if he wanted to go night-night and he nodded, so I carried him upstairs and he knocked right out. Praise the good Lord!!

I crawled into my bed at 9:30 and knocked out too. Around 1:30 pm I heard some chatter again, so I checked my phone and called J real quick to update him. By the time that conversation was done Gunnar’s chatter was gone and my buddy was out again. So I took a shower and got ready. Kiddo was still out so I just waited.

Finally around 2:30 or 3 Gunnar woke up. Yep, that’s a 6 hour nap!! I went in to grab him and again smelled THE STENCH.

Oh God, please let it be poop. Please let it be poop!

And it was!!!!!!!!

It wasn’t all over the place, but it had leaked out of his diaper, so I changed that along with his pants and the sheets and we were once again good to go.

He didn’t eat much the rest of the day, just a couple bites of toast and a little bit of rice and beans, but he kept sucking down the fluids and hasn’t thrown up at all so I’m going to guess we are out of the woods now.

And he went to bed at 6 pm. Out like a light. Nice!

What a week this has been!!! I need my mom to get here. And I need J to stay healthy. He’s been doing a fantastic job keeping me sane and well. He’s been cleaning and running errands to the store and fixing meals and more. What a guy!

Lord, please protect my family from any more sickness and disease. Keep us all healthy so we can be ready for the new baby. Amen.


4 Responses to “I spoke too soon”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Perfect prayer for this! Oh good lord, thank u for J! What a great guy! U need a date night!!!

  2. Joanna Says:

    This is your mother…on Joanna’s computer.
    I am sorry to hear that John has the terrible
    throwing up disease now, but I am glad that it will have run the gammit before I arrive. I do not need that to go along with any possible altitude sickness, migraine, or lung embolism…Love, Mom

    • teamerickson Says:

      Haha! Mom. So funny. I hope none of that happens this time. 🙂 I don’t think J has the terrible throwing up disease, he’s just not feeling great. So hopefully whatever is making him not feel so great will be gone ASAP. I need him in that delivery room! And he’d be bummed to miss out on his baby girl’s big entrance.

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