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Potty Training… Day 1 August 13, 2012

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We started potty training Gunnar today.

Some of you may say it’s a little early. I may be inclined to agree with you, we shall see. 🙂 However, I’ve heard some arguments recently that potty training before two can be easier. For one, most kids are excited to please their parents at an earlier age. They want to earn mom and dad’s approval. For two, they’re not quite so strong willed at this age. They don’t feel they have as much control over what they do or don’t do, which makes them more adaptable.

Gunnar started giving us some potty training signs in the last few weeks as well. He started taking his poo out of his diaper at nap time and throwing it, just like a regular old gorilla at the zoo. NICE. He also told us when he went poo and asked for a new diaper. And just recently he began telling me when he was about to go poo. Obviously it’s uncomfortable for the kid to have poo in his diaper. He doesn’t like it. So it’s time to try something new.

I’m giving it my best this week. Gonna put forth all my effort and energy into seeing this kiddo pee and poo on the potty.

Here’s a recap of our day:

We woke up this morning and I took his diaper off and we said goodbye to diapers forever. I showed him his new underwear and asked him which pair he’d like to put on. He chose the black and gray striped ones. (He looked super cute in them!)

I took him downstairs and knelt next to his potty chair and said, “Today we are going to use the potty chair for peepee and poopoo. So exciting! We aren’t going to go peepee and poopoo in our diapers anymore. We are going to use the potty chair!” I helped him pull down his undies and sat him down on the chair for an introduction. He stayed there about 5 seconds and then asked to get up.

I locked us both in the back room of the house with the baby gate since there are wood floors back there. Makes for a much easier clean up.

We ate breakfast and played and NOTHING happened. I sat him on the potty every 30 minutes or so, but he wasn’t interested. So we watched a few youtube videos about going potty. This one is my favorite. Just cracks me up! And Gunnar was super interested in it too.

He sat on the big toilet a few times, then went back to his potty chair.

Then we had our first accident. Uh-oh. He peed on the floor. But I ran him to the potty and he sat on it for a minute and I clapped for him and said, “Good job! You can go peepee in the potty!” He seemed pretty proud of himself.

He had one more accident after that, but did really well with sitting on the potty.

Then he started pointing at the potty and saying, “Poo!” So I asked if he wanted to sit on it and poo and he said yes. I put him on the potty and he grunted a little and let out some toots. I was super excited that this was going to be it! But nothing else came out. However, I am excited that it sounds as if he may be getting the idea.

After a few more tries at poo (he kept wanting to sit on the potty, but would then get frustrated), I decided he was tired and it was time for a nap. I put on plastic lined training pants for nap time and sent him to bed.

When he woke up from his nap I rushed upstairs, thinking he might be dry.


He was soaked.

But there was no poo. So that’s always nice.

I got him up and sat him on the potty. Nothing happened. Ah well.

After nap time he seemed to be quite distraught about the whole potty thing. He kept making a big fuss when I would set him on the potty. And he’d cry the whole 5 seconds he was on there.

After a few rounds of this, I decided it was time for a little bit of immersion therapy. I set him on the toilet and held him there. And held him there. And held him there. He screamed for a little bit, so I hugged him while he was on the toilet. I talked with him. We practiced counting. I asked him to point to body parts. I gave him a wipe and told him to wipe mommy’s eyes/ears/cheeks/mouth/nose/etc. I came up with every distraction and game known to man to keep him on there. Toys. Juice. Snack. Car. Ball. Even youtube.

He stayed on there for quite a while. I have no idea how long. Torture? Possibly. But I can say now that he is confident on the potty. He can even sit by himself so I can run and grab whatever it is he wants or needs.



He actually went a few times while he was stuck on there. I was so proud! Each time I gave him a prize. Our prizes consisted of balls and balloons. Two of his favorite things. He played with each prize for a while till he went peepee again.

Finally I let him down and put some undies back on him. He had two or three more accidents, but stopped himself in the middle of them and finished on the potty. After that, I kept reminding him every couple of minutes, “Remember to go to the potty when you need to go peepee or poopoo.” I said it over and over and over again. And after a few times of saying it he ran up to me and gave me the “look” so I grabbed him and set him on the potty and he went peepee! He initiated it himself! We cheered and clapped and jumped up and down and called the Nana’s and Papa’s to tell them so they could cheer for him as well. He was very proud of himself.

He went peepee on the potty one more time after this and then it was bedtime. We went upstairs and took a much needed bath. While he was in the bath, he asked to get out so he could go peepee. I was, again, so incredibly proud of him!

Bed time was finally here and I put him in a diaper. I know. But I can’t do night time wetness every night till he figures it out. And I am taking advice from a mother of four who trained each of her kids before 2 years of age AND ran an in-home daycare for years and years. And she said night time diapers are just fine till they start waking up dry. So I’m supposing she knows what she’s talking about.

I haven’t even mentioned Vivvi this whole time. She slept most of the morning, got up after Gunnar had gone down for his nap, went back down before Gunnar got up, then woke up to play around 3pm. Needless to say, the day was fairly easy till then. When I had to run with two at the same time, things got crazy. She was screaming. He was screaming. Mama was stressed. And no one was happy.

Now all I have to say is I’m exhausted. I’m sitting here typing and drinking a Bud Light Lime with grenadine added for fun. And I may yet still have a glass of wine and a lavender soak in the tub. It’s mama’s turn to relax.


2 Responses to “Potty Training… Day 1”

  1. mom Says:

    Way to go little mama!! Everyone will want to send their child to you for potty training. You have the right amount of firmness mixed with gentleness and encouragement. Gunnar is an early bloomer when it comes to the potty. What a blessing! Love, Mom

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