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Potty Training… Day 4 August 16, 2012

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I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. It’s been one of those weeks where time moves sooo quickly and sooo slowly at the same time. Thank goodness the weekend will be here soon and I’ll have some help from J!

When I got Gunnar up this morning, he already had poop in his diaper. I was a little disappointed, since he probably wouldn’t go poop again for a while. Maybe even not until tomorrow. Ah well.

I picked him up and got his undies on and we went downstairs. He ate some breakfast and then played. And played. And played. I stuck him on the toilet a couple of times to see if anything would happen, but he wasn’t going at all. I was starting to think that letting him play and pee outside yesterday afternoon might not have been a good idea.

It was already 11am. Nap time was coming soon. Oh man. I was starting to get nervous, thinking he might just hold it all in till nap time, then let it go in his diaper. Grrrr.

Right around 11:10, he gave me the signal (grabbing his man parts with a nervous look), so I quickly rushed him to the toilet. As I was scooping him up to put him on the toilet, an idea occurred to me. What if I cheer him on just for giving the sign and sitting on the potty? So I started cheering for him and clapping. Then I stepped out of the bathroom to give him a little privacy. Sure enough I heard a tinkle tinkle! So I cheered for him again! I gave him a sticker and a balloon and we both clapped for his success.

A little while later he started crying for no reason. He started limping so I thought he hurt his foot. I sat him down on my lap and he just kept right on crying. Finally I thought this might be a potty thing. So I cheered for him as I took him to the potty, and he went again! Woohoo!

Toward the end of lunch time he started saying, “Poo! Poo!” So I set him on the pot and left him alone for a few minutes. I stood outside the open bathroom door, around the corner so he couldn’t see me, and I prayed for poop. I don’t know that I’ve ever prayed for poop before, but I did today. Nap time was coming in just a few short minutes and I wanted him to poop on the potty, not in his diaper, so he could cheer and be proud of himself. I prayed and prayed and prayed and waited for about 5 or 10 minutes. I didn’t hear much, though there may have been a tinkle or two in there. Finally he called out, “Mama!” I asked him if he was done and took him of the potty when he said yes. When I looked down into the toilet, I beheld a joyous sight – a small poop! I jumped for joy and cheered for Gunnar and pointed to his poo masterpiece. He proudly flushed the toilet and I gave him his prize – a new car. Fun!

Gunnar playing with his poo car.

Driving his poo car on mama’s knee. Nice.

He was so proud. He started running around the room. He was playing with his new car and he was really excited. I told him it was time for a nap and he shook his head no. I went over to grab him, but he ran to the bathroom and said, “Poo! Poo!” He backed himself up to the toilet, so I lifted him on it. I was figuring this was yet another ploy to get out of going to sleep. But I left him in there anyway to see what he’d do. I heard a couple grunts, and then he called out that he was done. I took him off the potty and it was FULL of poop!!! Woohoo! I was so excited! I clapped and gave him lots of praise again. He flushed and we got another new car out for him to play with.

I decided I wanted to try out the plastic training pants for nap time. I put him in them and put him to bed. But he wasn’t falling asleep. I figured he’d probably gone pee in them. So I went in to change him. He was dry. I figured he might be uncomfortable because he’s so used to a diaper during sleep time and he didn’t want to have an accident. So I asked if he’d like a diaper and he said yes. I put him in his diaper and he passed out.

Vivvi was up by now so we played for a little bit and I took time to read my Bible and do a journal entry. Vivvi was tired again around 1:30 so I put her down for a nap. Then I got to have some mommy time! I feel like I haven’t had alone time since this whole process started, so having some time by myself was refreshing! I did what I wanted to do. I ate a hot lunch of leftovers. I went on Facebook. I started writing my blog entry for the day. I played some solitaire. I ate some watermelon. It was awesome.

Gunnar got up and had poop in his diaper, so we took it downstairs and flushed it. He played around for a long while. I kept reminding him to let me know if he needed to go potty. He was standing right by the bathroom and gave me the look, I rushed over to grab him but didn’t get there in time and he peed all over the floor. He did finish a little on the toilet, so I only counted that one as half an accident. He knew it was about to happen, so that’s the important part.

He peed a couple more times during the day, and I gave him stickers and balloons. He loves those motivators!

Then near the end of the day he had a pretty big pee accident on the floor. I was talking with Nana Caroline on the phone and probably wasn’t paying enough attention to Gunnar, and he lost it. He was pretty upset, but I calmed him and let him know it was ok. It was probably my fault anyway. πŸ™‚

Gunnar sharing his favorite bear with Vivvi. Such a sweet big brother!

When dinner time came I gave him some peas and rice pasta mac n cheese, which he gobbled up! I knew he needed to pee during the middle of his meal, so with much protest from him, I set him on the potty and left him for a minute. And he went! Sweet!

Toward the end of dinner he started saying, “Poo! Poo!” so I put him on the toilet and left him there for a good long while, probably 5 or 10 minutes. I heard a few grunts and finally went back in to check on him just as J was walking in the door. I took him off the pot and there was a little poo in there! So daddy got to celebrate with Gunnar too. Woohoo! We gave him his THIRD car for the day, let him run around for a few more minutes, then sent him to bed.

Here’s the daily count:

Poops on the potty: 3!!!

Pees on the potty: 9

Accidents: 1.5

Miles run by mom to burn off the stress at the end of the day: 3.07!!!

Sticker chart for the day. The P! stands for poop!


4 Responses to “Potty Training… Day 4”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Wow, you’re an awesome mom, Gina. Do you get stickers too??

    • teamerickson Says:

      Haha! Sometimes I actually do give myself stickers. πŸ™‚ I usually give myself a sticker if he hasn’t gone in a while, so he’s motivated to get one too. It’s the jealousy motivator. πŸ™‚

  2. Caroline Says:

    Erickson’s have a Poo-werful way about them. Papa E

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